What’s to eat mom? – a new series

I am embarking on a food related series on Javaline.

Food is such a major focus point of parenting…and an endlessly challenging one. Practically everyone who blogs mentions food at some point. I spend a large part of my awake-time in the kitchen, or either thinking about food, shopping for food, or eating food. But most of that time is cooking food. It never seems to end.

Lucky for me I like, even love, cooking. And Javaline is certainly not immune to food-related posts. Click on the food category and you’ll see over 30 posts with food as their main topic. Some are actual recipes, some are ideas, some are rants or related to edible gardening.  Apparently I spend a lot of time thinking about food on the blog.

With the kids older and in activities during the school year, and me a year away from being a stay-at-home mom of two grade schoolers, I am beginning my search for some paid work. I do some work part-time now and then, but with Sonja still only half day at Kindergarten, I don’t have a lot of time. I manage when I pick up a contract but it’s stressful. And the biggest stress is probably the fact that everyone always wants to eat something. On activity nights, I’m at my wits end because they want to snack until they’re full and then no one eats the meal I rushed together between working and picking up a kid.


This series on What’s to eat mom should address some of these points. I begin with a topic not foreign to most of us and will take it from there to wherever inspiration will lead me. My first post for the series is on meal planning. I debate and analyze ideas and design my own first plan, for the beginning of the new school year. The time is right for me to commence a new habit, one I hope to stick with and one I hope will help ease the nightly dinner stress. I have never planned meals before, so we’ll see how it goes.

Thank you for stopping by, and if you have any tips that work for you, by all means, drop a comment!


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