Happy Birthday to Maria Montessori

Today is Maria Montessori’s 142nd birthday.

I love her methods, her story, her approach to educating children. A big part of me wishes my children could have continued with their Montessori education they started at part-time daycare. But alas, that is like sending your children to private school, and since we don’t own a money tree…

So far, the early ears of Public School has not been a bad thing for the kids. They love their small school, they love their teachers and staff they’re exposed to, they love the new friends they’ve made. I fully expect to come up against some issues (and have already) but so far so good. It’s been manageable and we’re handing it just fine.

Still, I have a deep appreciation for Maria Montessori and continue to keep an eye on the many Montessori-type blogs and homeschooler information posted all over the internet, for interest sake. If my child has a challenge with a particular topic at school, and I attempt to help that child, I often research the Montessori way first to see if I can find a better way to help my child.

And with this in mind we enter the last day of summer vacation. School starts on Tuesday!

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