Meaningless jabber

I have nothing interesting to say. I mean, I have all kinds of stuff going on with that boy of mine, and with my parenting, which, lately, is not up to par to my own liking, with my pain in my arm that won’t go away, with the endless trudge of same-old, same-old.

I thought September was going to be the new beginning for me. Instead, I feel like taking a month-long nap.

So this is what I am doing:

Instead of a pottery class, I booked a massage. Tomorrow after I drop them off at school a RMT will, hopefully, unpinch that nerve that’s been bugging me. Because the pain in my hand and up along my arm is really distracting.

The weather around here is glorious but I can’t seem to find the time or motivation to do outdoorsy stuff. Like, mow the lawn. It’s not a big lawn…

But we did bike to school today. And we stay to play after school, which keeps us outside in the sunshine.

And I’m doing something local with the little girl this afternoon – we are attending a craft hour at a paint store up the street! She gets to do art, and have a cookie and a juice, and I get to help or watch, and have a coffee or tea.



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