Massages help to de-stress

I ask myself this question repeatedly:

Why did I wait so long?

We are lucky and fortunate in so many ways. One way is that we get benefits through his work (and it hasn’t always been like this). Benefits that include certain alternative methods, like naturopath and osteopath, also massage and other types of treatment like that.

When I was soo soooo soooooo low during and after Sonja’s pregnancy I should have gone to see a naturopath. Since following her recommendations I have been feeling better (and when I don’t she adjusts and helps me out). When I had pain in my neck a few years ago I saw a physiotherapist and it helped.

Lately, things have been up and down. Since August I have been so tense and stressed. Why didn’t I find the motivation to go get a massage? Plenty of places near the school that offer all kinds of massage therapy.

Well I finally did yesterday. After assessment my RMT (registered massage therapist) started in on my shoulders and reached for a couple of aids. Because he could not believe his eyes (or fingers) on how tense and tight I was. He worked and worked and worked my neck and shoulder area and then did the upper back for a bit. When he was done he said:

We have work to do. I didn’t even get to your lower back.

I feel looser today but not loose, yet. I have to do cold packs (been doing heat, which didn’t help the inflammation), and stretches. He said he can’t do it himself, I need to de-stress myself and stretch before the next appointment.

Many people store stress in their neck and should areas. I am an expert at this and must watch it. Because the pain has traveled down my arm and affected the joints in my two middle fingers of my left hand. And it wakes me up at night. My new ergonomic pillow and new, firmer mattress have helped somewhat but it wasn’t enough. I still woke from stiffness and pain.

But the leaf has been turned. I have weekly appointments now, and I feel better already. I say this to myself now:

There is time if you make time.

The laundrycookingshoppingstuffkidsclutter can wait.


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