Back in the swing of it

There’s a first for everything…normally the overcast skies make me feel tired and somewhat down, but not today. Today I woke up mostly rested, and looking forward to spending a day indoors. The sun, which has been sooooo good to us for soooo long is wearing me out, lately. And frankly, when it’s nice out I tend to forgo the housework obligations more than usual since the weather beckons and Sonja is better off playing outside anyway…whatever. Fall has arrived. Cooler (but not cold) temperatures have arrived. And I realized I have gained weight.


My plan is to cook lots of soup for the coming season and stick to greens, and lay off the pastry. What is it about pastry lately, anyway? I blame hormones.

There are other things, uninteresting things, happening.

1. Meal planning isn’t working out. I manage best by deciding in the morning, or perhaps the night before, what to eat the next day at supper, rather than plan a whole week ahead. I will, however, continue with the meal eating (what’s to eat) posts, I think, since that topic is a constant dilemma. I have a few topics in mind, but haven’t had the umpf to write them.

2. School lunches are being eaten. Or not. He’s moody. Yesterday for example he ate every last crumb and pronounced he was still starving at lunch. Last week when I made an almost identical lunch with an extra 2-bite sandwich, more than half of it came back. I can’t win in the lunch department, it seems.

3. Head colds are on. One kid has it but isn’t sick enough to stay home. I will take him home for lunch though, especially because it’s raining and they spend more time in smaller spaces rather than on the field playing soccer. See if they’ll eat my soup I’m planning on making in the next hour.

4. I attempted to make cake pops. I will write a post about this, and include what not to do. They turned out ok-ish, but not quite what I had in mind. Not like my friend’s, whose cheesecake pops look like this: food+photography. Having said that, I am encouraged enough by my attempts to re-make them for both his birthday, and Sonja’s upcoming 5th birthday.


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