The day I met insanity head-on

A few weeks ago I was depressed. I couldn’t see beyond the stuff, the mess, the clutter, and school hadn’t even started yet.

My basement has potential but the problem is always time. There is never time….so I bring the bin with the summer clothing downstairs and since I would have to move shit from this place to that place to get to the spot where I want to store the bin, I just leave the bin there, for later.


Until it’s too late and then hell breaks loose.

Anyway, I had a thing about those ugly, pillowless cushions on my dining chairs. The old curtain I’d been saving exactly for the purpose of making pillow cases for the chairs was MIA. I thought how hard could it be to find them? Then I could teach the children how to use the sewing machine!

I was actually in the mood. When I was their age, back in Switzerland, I got to use the sewing machine with paper where I had to trace lines with it, make little holes along the lines. First straight lines, then zig zags, and curves…it was FUN!

But I couldn’t find the curtain. I ended up tossing and purging like a possessed monster, all the while yelling and freaking out about how there’s too much stuff! and no place to PUT THE STUFF! and why am I the only one organizing the STUFF!

It was a mess. Everyone knows this house has reached its limits for us, but we’re waiting for an official announcement from his work regarding the new location to move to.

Point is, in my rampage looking for that stupid, one-panel, useless curtain, I got some of the stuff organized and filled my car with donation items and the bin with garbage.

But I never did find the curtain. I forgot about the pillows (by ignoring them) and just moved on.

Two mornings ago I was putting away towels in my closet (because in this house there is no linen closet – don’t get me started) and I saw my airy, polka-dot curtains I used to hang up in my bedroom, to brighten up the place during the gloomy winter months.

White with green polka-dots…I love the way they look hanging in the morning sun. So I made a mental note to take them down from that shelf and put them up on my bedroom window.

Mental note got shoved down to the bottom of the priority list because I would have had to find a chair to stand on, rearrange the existing towels and clothing in the closet, bla di BLAH – the curtains are still up there in the back part of the closest.

This morning I tweeted something about how getting up early is easier when it’s warm and sunny (instead of cool and still dark) when I looked at the window and notices something.

There is a one-panel curtain hanging on the window. The VERY curtain I wanted to turn into pillow cases.

Do you hear me?

I had been staring at that stupid thing for MONTHS.

Perhaps insanity has finally arrived.

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