Breaking ground…or so they say

DH is working at a privately-owned airport that is closing in a few years’ time. His aviation college is located at that airport and, naturally, since they need an airport for their programs, they’ve been looking around. A few places have presented themselves as possibilities, but the one furthest away (although still in the province) has been the most welcoming.

The final, official announcement has not come yet, but the clock is ticking. And everyone is a little bit on edge…

Moving an entire family for the purpose of a company relocating poses many questions. In some cases, spouses with good, solid jobs in their present location, or home ownership that has taken many years of reaching a certain level of comfort, has been on the forefront of all these questions. Then there’s the question of schools for children…the list goes on.

Our situation is somewhat unique because we have outgrown our little bungalow ages ago but have hesitated moving within the neighbourhood because we knew of this upcoming relocation.

With each passing year, it got tighter here, and more frustrating. Plus houses need TLC and ours is old…it needs the floors refinished, the bathroom is original dating back to 1949, windows start to sweat with the first sign of cold air arriving…and we face many of the same challenges other growing families face. Renovate or move? If renovate, do we rent? How much will it cost? If we move, where to? Can we afford to upgrade in this neighbourhood or do we have to leave it?

Well the answer could be simple. We live in a big, metropolitan city where house prices are astronomical. In 10 years our house’s retail value has more than doubled. That’s good news, but it’s also kind of insane. It means we can’t afford to upgrade to a larger home in the area where we want to stay. The new location for the college is located 3 hours east of here. The house prices are much more reasonable and we could get a nice, roomy house for our money.

But the answer is not simple. I am very on the fence about this pending move, not to mention the entire preparation time to make it happen. And since we still don’t have an official date, we can’t really make too many official decisions yet, either.

What I do know is that this house needs prettying up. At the very least, a sanding of the floors, some fresh paint in some of the rooms (but not all) and maybe a repaint of the bathtub. The kitchen needs major painting done, and I started it two springs ago but ran out of steam. The appliances are 10 years old and show wear and tear….


A day ago there was a staff meeting and apparently the latest news was that the contractor bids are coming in next week. Once the college selects their contractor, they want them to ‘break ground’ before the arrival of frost. THIS year.

Which could mean that the ball is rolling. And once it starts rolling it’ll go quick. All of a sudden the new building will be erected, the airplanes will be moved to their new hangar and the next thing I know I’ll be house hunting while kids are in school and hockey and gymnastics and birthday parties and Thanksgiving and Christmas….and someone offered me a job. On top of everything else.

The big appeal will be a newer, bigger home. The rest of it scares me. New location, new neigbhours, new school, new activities. Much further away from my parents and his side of the family. In the snowbelt which will mean additional purchases we don’t have now (like a decent snow blower, they’re not exactly cheap). New furniture because there comes a time in a woman’s life when Ikea just isn’t enough anymore.


The entire topic is making me want to curl up in my bed and shut out the world. Wake me when it’s over.

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