What’s next? Oh, just some excessive snot

I am sick again. This time I’m full of snot. How is this possible? I eat organic food for goodnessake. I sleep lots, I drink lemon water, I walk and exercise…My immune system is not compromised, or so I thought…

Let’s see if I can remember how this all began:

During the August Camping Trip I had meltdowns due to hormones, and pain in my neck and arm. I do not love camping, and I went there tired and I came back tired so that was not a vacation. Plus I had pain in my shoulder area.

In September I went from depression to elation when kids went back to school, saw my Naturopath Doc who said I had a virus and “get a massage to get rid of the pinched nerve in your neck” which by now was affecting my hand and the two middle fingers. I was no longer able to type without pain.

This was followed by late September and early October craziness with hunting season starting (meaning DH was away more). But the pain in neck got removed by my RMT which assured me that I did not have arthritis or osteoarthritis or other such ailments.

This was immediately followed by a lovely intestinal situation that had me thinking I was perhaps now fully allergic to wheat, dairy and sugar.

I did not quit the wine. It was the only joyous activity left in my life.

The intestinal digestive thing had me consume large amounts of digestive enzyme pills and caplets until one night, when both DH and my mother were out of town, I threw up. Kids weren’t particularly impressed. I told them to watch tv and went to bed at 7 pm with a bucket next to me.

Then my hormone test came back to the Naturopath. Apparently I suffer from adrenal fatigue. Cortisol, the hormone put out by the adrenal gland, has a normal range of 2 – 11, where 2 is considered low, but still normal.

I measured below 2. They call it adrenal burn-out. My Naturopath gave me supplements to address that, which is helping in the fatigue department.

Two days later I ate some pastry with creamy filling (wheat, dairy and sugar) and was fine. No allergies to food. Just a bug.

Then a day later I couldn’t hear out of my left ear. Which started to swell and bother me. But I didn’t go to the doctor right away because everyone was out of town (see above) and I didn’t have time what with hockey and gymnastics and half-day Kindergarten.

Till I lost all my hearing and couldn’t sleep on that side of my head anymore. Doctor diagnosed ear infection (adults get ear infections?), gave me drugs and drops, and I stumbled around the world as a deaf person.

Two weeks later I visited my ENT who said ditch the drugs, reduce the drops, used a vacuum cleaner specially designed for ear crap sucking, and I healed.

I was fine. For two days.

Then, along with hurricane Sandy, came the snot invasion.

I can’t catch a break.


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