Mold in your home? Check your windows

If you live in an old house with old windows, or if you’ve ever lived in an apartment that has single-pane windows, you will understand why I am writing this post.


Our house was built in 1949 and I do not want to stay here. When we moved here 11 years ago the windows were still in pretty good condition as the previous owners have installed them a while back. In the meantime, the windows have deteriorated beyond what I find acceptable service for double-pane windows.

They sweat.
They leak.
They look dirty no matter how often I try to clean them.
And they grow mold.

Tea tree oil helps. Keeping old spit-up towels or washcloths around helps too…some morning I open the blind in my bedroom and the water, collected from overnight condensation, just pours off the blind like a mini-waterfall.

There is black fuzz growing amongst the moisture. ICK.

Last year I tried this product:

Comfort Plus Window Kit

It is worth the trouble.
Actually, it’s not a lot of trouble. I can put up the film over the window myself, but appreciate a bit of assistance on the big bay window in the front.

It made a HUGE difference, if I may say so.

I did it again this year.

Putting clear plastic film over your old windows will minimize the amount of moisture that collects on your windows, thereby minimizing the amount of mold spores flying around your breathing space. Especially this time of year when windows tend to be closed more than open.

I love this product.

I mean, I would prefer to have windows that didn’t sweat, but this is cheaper than getting new windows for a house I don’t necessarily plan on living in long term.

Like I said, it was worth the bickering today.



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