12/12/12 Hourly Photo Challenge

My first time participating in a photo challenge, where I take one photo every hour on the hour for 12 hours, as promoted by Andrea at Peek Inside the Fishbowl. I’m actually excited about this! Will I remember to take photos each hour? Will I have time to upload them? What will they look like? When should I start?

Ooops, look at that, it’s 6:59. How about the first photo of my day here at Javaline is at 7 am?

7 am – Playmobile advent calendar

8 am – breakfast with a lot of butter
0029 am –  school bell just rang

02810 am – catchup on to-do list:  no, that’s not a twitter feed you’re looking at 🙂

03311 am – why yes, I own a mop. Bought it 5 months ago. Took the plastic off just today…

03412 noon – she refuses to come out of the car, pretends to nap. I wish I could have a nap.

0351 pm – grocery shopping. It never ends.

IMG-20121212-023842 pm – she must have locked the inside latch. She’s not with me, dropped her at a playdate, so I can’t even yell at her. Now I have to walk around the house and enter through back.

IMG-20121212-023863 pm – driving here, driving there, pick up here, pick up there, drop off here, drop off there, shop for this shop for that…


4 pm – getting home early to play shinny

0365 pm – “Samichlaus” bags, homemade by my mom, for us filled with little treats. I stare at them all the time, they’re so cute! (for an explanation about the Swiss Santa Clause tradition, click here)

0376 pm – child trying to smother his mother (me) with a pillow because I said no to pop for dinner. Apocalypse is coming after all.

0387 pm – last photo of the day. And no, he still didn’t get pop for dinner…



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