A post about…nothing.

If NBC can do a show about nothing, I can do a post about nothing. Since I am no longer cranky today…

I’m just very very exhausted. Physically, as in I didn’t sleep more than an hour or so last night, and emotionally, because, you know,


…kind of exhausted.

Ben has been coughing. Probably because he’s been sleeping next to me for at least part of the night throughout last week when I was coughing. But he went to hockey practice last night and then had a fit because I denied him a pop (horrible terrible mother that I am) and then was sicker than normal all night long beside me. My poor little guy.

Then Sonja wasn’t herself either even though she donned her beautiful party dress and her shiny shoes in honour of the school Christmas concert which was great and short and sweet but she just wasn’t quite into it. Not like she usually is, my cute little drama queen. So naturally, as I waited for Ben to come home for lunch and possibly stay home and rest this afternoon, she was all whiny and clingy and tripped and hurt her ankle …

But now I’m typing this out without anyone interrupting me. Which means that this little space of quiet is about to be jinxed. But whatever, I take what I can get.

Christmas is almost upon us and I need to get on with my to-do list. Or maybe I can convince my munchins to snuggle with me and we can all have a nap.

To-do lists are for A-personalities. And extroverts. Since I’m neither….I will deal with all of that stuff another day.

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