How to purge and fail

There is a gigantic, black garbage bag in my bedroom, stuffed in a corner between the dresser and the window on that wall.

It is full. Of toys they don’t use.

I chose the black plastic extra-durable garbage bag because you can’t see what’s in it, knowing that it will take me forever to lug it to the van and drop it off at Goodwill.

The toys I’m giving away are in good condition.

The dvds are too, not scratched to the point of not being able to watch them, and with the case and sleeve intact.

Thank goodness I didn’t get rid of the bag yet. It was just a couple of days ago during one of those neverendingwhiningcryingcomplaining days that she insisted on watching Little Einsteins.

Those dvds were in the bag. Right at the very bottom thank you very much.

But now that she’s watched them again, I’ll be sure to drop off the bag at the next opportunity, say, maybe tomorrow after the kids go back to school. Unless we walk to school that day…Ok, so maybe the following day if I have to run an errand requiring the car.

Or maybe after Christmas when I feel more inspiration to purge and can fill, and drop off, two bags.

Definitely before the New Year I’ll do it. We all get busy around the Christmas holidays. What with hockey tournaments and family events.

Or maybe the first week of the New Year, when we still have time before the craziness starts up again with school and stuff.

If I haven’t dropped the bag off by the time the winter activities begin the week of January 8 I’ll drop it in the black garbage bin on that Tuesday. And if recycling gets pick up that week and not garbage, then I’ll just give the entire bag back to Sonja and hope for a quiet afternoon.

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