Popcorn baggies

Kids like popcorn, right?

He wanted to bring something for the Xmas party at school today. He told me last night after hockey, after dinner, after shower…at bedtime.

And I really don’t have anything else to do at 8 pm at night than to start baking…not.

I wanted to watch the Big Bang Theory…(it was a return)…so I ignored the request. Figured something will come to me by morning.

I kept thinking:

  • I have some cookies but – no nuts allowed.
  • I have some non-nut cookies but – not enough for all the kids.

What to do? By morning, the solution came to me. POPCORN.

While getting breakfast on, I popped the popcorn. I was going to let him take two large ziplock bags to school and let them have at it (can you picture 21 7 and 8 year olds eating popcorn from a bag?) but then there was the dilemma about germs. Kids and their sticky hands…

So, I made little individual baggies by using the plastic sandwich bags (the zipper-less ones I had kicking around) and tied each with ribbon. Each kid can take a baggie and not contaminate the rest of the popcorn. Even made a few extras for teachers or extra kids, or whatever. He carried a gift bag full of popcorn baggies to school and was proud to be the one bringing a treat.

Last day of school. Can’t wait for the end of today!


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