A day off from hockey


The second I uttered this statement the boys in this house said they were going to shinny.

Hockey will kill me. 🙂

Actually my little guy spent the entire Xmas break doing a Xmas tournament. They played against these professional-looking and -acting teams, all made up of 7 year olds, and our team lost each and every game by a huge score.

Until the last game in the playoffs. Not only did they win the bronze instead of the consolation price, they won it by a very tight score (compared to what it was before with losses like 5-1). I watched that game and suffered several cardiac arrests…it was so!much!fun!!


So on the last day of the old year, and looking at our activity schedule for next year, my anxiety is waning. We can do this. We can support the schedule mentally, emotionally and physically by keeping dialogue open, by communicating, by having each family member including the little hockey star, pitch in without complaining. There will be bumps on the road and some of us may have some tantrums or breakdowns but whatever. We are embarking on a new kind of life with older children. They are not infants, toddlers anymore. Life is different now.

Happy New Year. See you in 2013!


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