Too much crap, not enough time

Almost exactly a month ago the sewage drain backed up into the furnace closet. The basement was wet in part of the area immediately surrounding it, but beyond a lot of puddles and some crap (ha) we managed to clean it up, air it out, and get on with it. After the plumber showed up, that is.

Saturday afternoon the same thing happened again. FUN! The guy came, snaked it again, and we found a date when they will come to dig up the pipe and replace it.

Two weeks from now.

We instructed all family members to put all toilet paper in the wastebasket and to spray it with Lysol…for now. We adults make a point of reminding and/or supervising toilet activities, and for the most part, this worked for the past 24 hours.

Whoever went last this morning (one of the kids) did as they were told and everyone vacated the house.

I get back from school drop-off, and of course had to go to the bathroom. Two cups of coffee will do that to you. I flush and watch carefully how the toilet is behaving.

Badly, is how. Slowly, sluggishly, and burping up crap.


Frantic calling and texting and emailing to DH was fruitless. Was he flying today? I don’t know… I consider briefly if I should call the plumber, but I rarely call anyone on the phone unless I know the person well and they know about my pretty serious hearing loss.

Finally he texts me back. He’s in a meeting and will come home when he’s done. To deal with the situation.

There has got to be an emergency service we can contact. The house is old, the pipes probably even older, and I can’t even use Drayno because of the stupid disinfecting pills I had put in the toilet tank weeks ago to help keep the toilet disinfected. I mean, people do that sometimes, no? But apparently Drayno will react with that stuff and I could drop dead, or so I’m told, so I’m not doing it.

In the meantime, we’ll have to pee at the neighbour’s. Or, the boys can pee outside I guess. Whatever. I don’t care.

I’m just fed up.

So much for working during my childless hours in the morning.


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