Why I shop at stores that annoy me

They’re coming to Canada, if they’re not already here, and they’re everywhere else too.

Think…Walmart. Amongst Home Depot and a slew of others, as well as the newly arrived (or arriving?) Target.

I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand I don’t want to encourage their growth to the point where every city looks the same (even Bill Bryson mentions this in The Thunderbolt Kid). On the other hand….I shop there, at some of those stores. Sometimes.

I have mixed feelings about that, too.

I vowed not to shop for food at Walmart when the local store nearby my neighbourhood renovated to accommodate a huge fresh and frozen food section. I vowed to take advantage of the newly formed 24 hour shopping at some of the grocery store chains I frequent, or to simply walk up the block from the school after drop off and pick up veg and berries from the little Korean hole-in-the-wall fruit-stand-type store. I vowed to stick to my organic delivery box and figure it out, somehow. I vowed I will not pick up bananas and vegetables at Walmart the next time I find myself go there to load up on toilet paper and children’s clothing.

I always spend more at Walmart than I want to. They just make it so darned convenient, don’t they. That is one reason why I try very hard to stay away from that store.


Sometimes I go there because I know that a) they are open at 8 am. Department stores and mall stores are open at 10…that’s not particularly convenient for me. And b) the prices in some cases really are that much better at some of the box stores.

I went to Walmart last week.

I needed paper products and a gift for a child’s birthday party. While pushing the cart through the aisles I recalled we’re almost out of toothpaste. I remembered Ben needs new active wear undergarments (aka long johns for hockey) and they have that there in the boys’ section. While in the boys section I saw cotton tights for Sonja in every colour of the rainbow, and since hers are too tight and short…I picked some up.

And so it went. Before I knew it my cart was half full.

Then I went to the cash register section at the front. I debated if I should go in the express line, or choose a regular line (and commenced counting my wares). This is when I saw it.

The box of organic triple washed greens for $3.99. Lettuce for tonight’s salad. I had, just yesterday, dropped the entire box of spinach I had in my fridge on the dirty kitchen floor and we were out of salad stuff.

I was right there….and on a whim just picked it up. What am I supposed to do? Go to another store when it was all so nice and convenient right here, right now?

I also picked up a carton of milk, because we’re always low on milk…


They really do make it easy for you. And like the recycling/excess packaging situation I rambled on about the other day, sometimes it just comes down to time. Why take a second trip elsewhere when I can get it all done in one shot?

It is what it is.


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