Backed-up sewers, home renovations, and assorted hoopla

So while many people deal with real tragedies you hear about in the media, like Newton, or murder-suicides where mothers kill their children and then themselves, or my sister’s friend who has a 5 year old with cancer, I deal with what may seem rather inconsequential, relatively speaking. I mean, it’s kind of annoying and bothersome and I have to hang around and put my life on hold all day to wait for people to show up at the house to deal with all the crap around here, and when they don’t show up and I have to go get kids in school or drop kids off at activities, it adds to the annoyance factor.

But they’re small issues compared to the big ones out there.

Still. Backed-up sewage and contamination requiring semi-major renovations after serious disinfecting activities, it’s not fun. I had to put my work on hold, I had to deal with strangers coming, or not coming, to the house, I had to deal with money we don’t have and the insurance may not reimburse us, I had to deal with regular life requiring flushing of toilets and running of water when the workers outside need the water shut off so they won’t get drenched in fresh sewage…

It’s annoying.

But it’s not that bad, either. I’m fine, and not even stressed out. Whatever. We own a home, shit happens. Pun intended.

har. I’m sick of that joke.

In the meantime, talking with the insurance left us with feelings that weren’t particularly gratifying. The outdoor work went from an estimate of about $1500 to more than triple that because of the damage the original clay pipes have suffered over years of breakage, root damage and leakage of sewage fluids, which, incidentally, are also damaging to pipes. Whatever. The house is old, the pipes are old, what are you gonna do. Gotta have the toilet not back up anymore, so put in those shiny new white pipes please and I’ll reach for my handydandy credit card to pay for it.


The insurance did send over a guy to assess the flooding downstairs this morning. DH handled it, then texted me to come home now so he can tell me what’s going to happen. And by going to happen, I thought ya, I’m sure there’s not much of a hurry, these things take time.

Ha. Hahahahaha.

Within a couple of hours, I had several people show up here. Right now, there are several men in my basement doing some sort of industrial disinfecting. I mean, the water that backed up came partly from the toilet, and that’s, you know, crappy water, from human waste, so…um. Ya.

While DH was talking to the assessor they marked up with pen all the spots that were damaged. Our partly-removed floor (no brainer there), the baseboards in spots, all the way up two feet along many walls…..the carpet in the office….

DH told me what will happen and how someone from a disinfecting company will come and do an emergency cleanup. He gave me the impression that it will be basically cleaning and fanning out the area. I had mixed feelings about that statement, and being anal, I prefer things to be done right, properly, all the time, so as he rushed off to College to teach, I dismantled some shelving, took off hooks from walls, removed some stuff in certain areas. All the while hating this basement (but not all of it, the original renos that we had done were done well), mostly about how I had put things in that part of the basement.

I figured while all this work was being done, maybe I could purge the crap out of that side of the area (ha, crap, get it?) and then not put things back the way they were but do it MY way this time, and switch the rooms, and place the freezer in a different spot, and maybe get a new, really big, shoe rack for the thousands of shoes this family seems to need….

The insurance will cover the work done inside. At least that. And with it looking better, newer, and more functional, when the time comes to actually list this godforsakenhouse so we can move already, I’m sure that will help us out with the pricing, too. Houses in this area are HOT, especially properties with private parking, which we have.

So, while the guys are digging outside, and others are ripping apart stuff inside, I have a girlie here losing precious braincells watching idiotic tv. I must get off this blog and play with her.

End of my rant.


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