Renovations, moving, blah blah blah

Does this look like we’re moving?

005We’re not. At least not that I know of…But the damage done to the other side of the basement when the pipe backed up back in December apparently affects the walls that run on throughout, so they’re painting all the walls, even the side that wasn’t damaged. Which is fine by me, I was planning on rearranging the basement anyway to accommodate the children’s different needs, now that they’re a bit bigger and older.

DH’s company is definitely relocating, and the new facility will be, supposedly, ready for teaching at in January 2014. Whether all the employees, or even most of them are relocating to the new facility, which is about 3 hours away from the current campus, is a question that hasn’t been officially answered. But we know the new campus is definitely going to be open for business next year.

In terms of our own situation, we know we need to do one of two things: either we stay and renovate this place since we have outgrown it years ago, or we move to a new bigger house.

A new house might be in this area where we are now, or it might be in the new city. We don’t know yet.

People struggle with stay or go all the time. Renovating has its appeal, because you get input into what you want done and how you want it done. The downside is the cost, and the disruption. I’m not sure I can weather a lengthy disruption again; there have been so many over the years and it’s worn me down. On the other side, moving and a fresh start is kind of appealing too…

So I decided to take one step at a time. While the basement is getting fixed up again, I’m going to take the opportunity to purge. The insurance sent people over to pack up and move things around to prep the area, so all I have to do is pick a box and go through it one by one. Garbage bag, recycling bag and a box for donations and I hope to reduce our clutter by 90%. (That won’t happen if the family hovers around me. Sonja can’t even throw her leaky boots out, wants to keep them forever. Blah.)

Like I said, one day at a time. Starting first day of March Break camp.

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