Cooking rut

There is no chicken in the house so I can’t make this for tonight.

Stuffed Chicken with mayo-parmesan topping

I stuffed the chicken breast with Swiss chard, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, and topped it with a mixture of mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs, baked it in the oven till cooked through and served with noodles or rice and a salad. Even the kids ate  most of it…

Today I feel the rut kicking in again. I just don’t feel like cooking. Or chopping. Or preparing things ahead of time. And since I shopped at No Frills yesterday where I buy staples but never meat, and I didn’t pick up meat anywhere else, I’m now stumped.

I need meat for the man, who does the Paleo thing. I want to serve meat to Ben who has semi final hockey tonight….he won’t eat beans and we ate vegetarian yesterday so…what should I cook tonight?

I have the dog today. She and I walk to pick up Sonja from Kindergarten and then walk back probably through the park. By the time we get home and she eats her PBJ lunch with milk, it’ll be almost time to go back to pick up Ben again. And then to drop off the dog because…hockey. (Yes, hockey is not over. And apparently he’s in a spring tournament too so hockey is here to stay for…a while, I guess. Whatever.) Luckily she lives a street down from the school so even Ben gets to see our little Molly-girl for a few minutes.

Maybe I’ll make burritos. We have ground something. Moose? Venison? Probably Beretta beef too that I can mix with something. Other than that…

I’m stumped.


2 thoughts on “Cooking rut

  1. If you’re looking for something a little different to do with burritos, try pressing and grilling them. Make your burrito filling (mine is rice, beans, taco meat, and spices, and sometimes cheez wiz) and wrap your burritos, adding a little cheese, sour cream, and hot sauce for spicy food fans. Then heat up two heavy frying pans (cast iron is best). Put a burrito or two in one frying pan, then put the other one on top of it, and cook until brown and toasty on both sides. I usually find the bottom browns faster than the top, so I flip them part way through.

    This makes for a nice change from plain burritos, but does mean that you don’t want to add cold veggie toppings like lettuce or tomato (unless you like warm lettuce – I find it icky).

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