Lost stuff may as well be gone forever

Nothing is truly lost until mom can’t find it

No truer words have ever been written. I’m telling you right now, the state of my house has me at my absolute nervous-breakdown edge, and looking for lost stuff is what my daily life consists of.

I like organization. This is hard for me.

The positive side is the carpet guys are here installing the new rug in the office downstairs. Once it’s in I can relocate all the office crap from the main downstairs play area back into that room and hopefully begin a purge worthy my reputation.

“You always throw things away!”

“You’re the one who moved my stuff!”

“Why didn’t you keep that candy wrapper, it was my FAVORITE!”

The negative side is that as soon as the office crap is back in the office, some of the crap in my upstairs living room will be relocated downstairs to occupy the newly made space down there. The upstairs (which really is the main floor since this is a bungalow) is where we live most of our at-home time. Because I spend so much time in my four walls, I crave order. I like looking at empty walls, empty space on bookshelves, clutter- and decoration-free spots. I like natural light that enters the house with as little interference as possible.

It is here where I sit and write. It is here where we eat. It is here where we play or watch tv or do whatever it is we do when we’re home.

The downstairs has been out of commission for four months. This has been a long time coming. The boxes the people from the insurance packed up are stacked to the ceiling with stuff in it that frankly, I’d rather not even unpack. Seriously, what is so important in there that we can’t live without since a) we have lived without it since December of last year, b) we don’t seem to be missing it, and c) we don’t know what’s in it (and probably don’t want to know).

There is a move, or a much greater renovation looming. Purging is in my future regardless. My intentions are great that I will be cumbered by a lot less stuff by the time I’m done with that basement office.

Let’s just hope my looming nervous breakdown won’t occur before then.

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