Residual contact in high-speed sports

I am a horrible terrible mother who wishes that hockey was over right now.

He plays two games this Saturday. One at 8 am and the other at 6 pm.

Two weeks ago a ref decided to not blow his whistle when one of our kids got elbowed and went down. The coach alerted the ref who made the idiotic choice not to call the penalty. The ref ignored him. Our kid was still down, not getting up. The coach alerted the ref again, and the ref threw him out of the building.

The kids lost that game.

The boy is ok. He was stunned when he got elbowed, which is why it took him a bit longer than usual to get back up again. But a week later he was back on the ice. He is ok.

Ben is [still] spooked.

This second tournament where this incident occurred came up at the last minute. They call it a 4-week long last gasp tournament. I wish we didn’t participate in it.

Like I said, I’m a horrible parent.

Ben says he doesn’t want to play that team again. Not surprising…but in competitive sports, you don’t get a choice of whom to play. You play against whomever, and when you win and go into finals, you play other ‘best’ teams. They, Ben’s team, are one of the better ones, and they are now playing against even better teams. They are learning that sometimes, you simply have to take the loss and use it to help you play better next time.

They got hammered.

I wish hockey was finished. I am tired, and I get the feeling Ben is tired. New, spring-y things are happening and hockey just seems like it’s going on and on and on.

And on.

Because I’m a horrible terrible parent I will not be sad if they don’t advance to the semi finals in the original competitive league. If they win, and it could go either way, I will be the super-proud-hockey-mom bragging about it every which way.

If they win, I will no longer be a horrible terrible parent, but a wishy-washy, possibly hormonal mom.

Whatever. Give me a break. I’m trying to hold it together here…

Hopefully our coach got through to whomever is in charge of unfair refs who let kids get hurt on the ice and got his point across. Although there should not be, theoretically, any contact in kids’ hockey in Canada (our kids are 7 and 8), there is going to be some residual contact by the sheer type of sport it is. Even soccer, or basketball players, will eventually crash into each other during their high-speed chase of a ball….which is why we HAVE refs WITH WHISTLES who can then STOP play and allow the down kid to get up again.


End of my rant.

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