About jaywalkers and idiots

You ever notice that there are days when it is more than usually apparent that there are simply too many idiots allowed to walk around in your neighbourhood?

Allow me to explain.

I’m coming home during a freezing-rain, rush-hour evening. Just dropped kiddie off at a birthday party and a lasagna and glass of wine was waiting for me. The boys were out at hockey so I was especially looking forward to a quiet dinner without the usual chaos.

I’m driving on a main road that passes a college and many stores. There are street cars on the one lane which are stopping every few feet to let more passengers on. The college must have just finished class because hordes of people are standing there, getting pounded by ice pellets and slush splashes by inconsiderate drivers. I’m driving along keeping alert to all the possible situations that I know are bound to happen.

I’m a city girl, I have experience.

I’m behind a car who slowed down to an oncoming traffic light. There is one car ahead of him. The light is red for us, but green for the pedestians. The light changes and we cars are now able to drive.

The car directly ahead of me stops moving. I look up and the light is still green. WTF? I wanna go home…

A jaywalker stepped into the road and he stops for her. So nice and polite, isn’t it?

I’m thinking “but the light is green?” and “why didn’t she walk across with the others when her light was green, just a few feet away?”…

But no. She has to jaywalk because she is more important than the rest of us and we must all stop the flow of traffic to accommodate her importance.

I wait. She does some deliberate thanking motion to the car who stopped for her, and continues walking directly into oncoming traffic.

She narrowly gets hit by a fast-moving car.

In the car’s defense, and really he was so lucky she didn’t get hurt, he didn’t see her. Did I mention it was rush hour? Did I mention street cars?

That woman was way out of line. She not only put herself in danger, she put all of us in danger. The car coming at her from the opposite way had the right of way. Luckily he was alert and able to swerve in such a way that he did not cause an accident on his side of the road. She, the idiot jaywalker, could have, had there been an accident, caused an accident with or without getting hurt herself, not to mention she would have been responsible for a major delay for many law-abiding people who simply wanted to get home to have dinner with their families.

She is damn lucky she was able to avoid getting hurt.

She is damn lucky to have avoided a major traffic situation.

She is an idiot.

In related news, I broke my wine glass when I got home. Lucky for me, it was still empty at the time it broke.

2 thoughts on “About jaywalkers and idiots

  1. My favourite thing in this neighbourhood is all the people who ride their bikes in the opposite direction on the bike lane. It is rampant in this neighbourhood. I don’t know why.

    • I didn’t know this happened but next time I’m on the bike path I will watch for it, and perhaps complain about it right here… 🙂

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