Good bye Select hockey

Oh the plans I had for when hockey was over. Weather permitting I was going to be outside and hang laundry and putter in the garden beds and chip off flaking paint on the house wall and sit in the lawn chair with coffee or wine, depending on the time of day.

Ben in Centre at puck drop, # 87

I was going to get the brakes on my bike fixed and take the kids on little excursions around the lake paths.

I was going to have picnic lunches on the way home from Kindergarten and let her play at the playground.

I was going to take Molly to the leash free dog park and have Sonja associate with her four-legged friends.

I was going to finish the basement unpacking after the endless renos.

And then I woke up sick.

If it hadn’t been for the complete lack of apples or anything remotely looking like produce in this house, I would have leisurely walked my kids to school today, leisurely walked home, made coffee and sat on the back porch with a cup in hand looking at my new magazines.

But I had to grocery shop. And the pile of laundry is starting to smell funny. So I had to get up, swallow some oregano oil (and extra strength Advil, thank you very much), and get my ass in gear.

Last night was the last hockey game. He’s been on the ice for 8 months. He’s had a great season and a shelf full of awards to remind him of that. But last night was the final game, finally.

They played their best game ever and the final score was 1-0, with our team losing. It was heart-breaking but we are so proud. They have been on the ice since September, and with this particular Select team since November. Lasting friendships have been made, and promises to see each other in a few short months back at the same rink were uttered at the end of the undressing/redressing our little players.


We are on the fence whether to put him in the 4 on 4 Sunday night hockey for the summer. Currently we are leaning toward not to enroll him. He has so many interests: baseball, tennis, marshal arts. He wants to bike. He wants to go to the lake. He wants to swim. He wants to hang out with his friends.


He wants to play hockey, too, but he doesn’t seem overly upset when we tell him “we’ll see”.

“We’ll see “is such an ambiguous parenting term. 🙂

I for one am perfectly content to leave hockey behind till September and embark on new hockey again in the fall. This time, possibly with Sonja in Tyke, too. (We’ll see).

Summer is about to start and I have a lawn chair beckoning me. It’s been great to be a hockey mom. I’m sure it’ll be just as much fun again.

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