50 lbs

That’s how much I’ve lost, today.

50 lbs of toys. HA.

They are currently in the back of the van in bags, covered with a towel, because god knows if those kids notice them back there all hell will break loose. So…tomorrow, another trip to Goodwill.

Just try to hold me back.

I also vacuumed and bleached the wall behind the fridge and the fridge top and sides, the baseboards and the spots on the wall waist-high and lower. (The wall above waist height was spot-less. Huh.) Then I vacuumed and mopped the kitchen floor and half the hallway floor. Twice. Because – ick. High time. Will have to do the rest after I pick up the kid (or after blogging. Ha.)

I am on a roll. Just try to stop me.

In unrelated news, he’s doing the taxes. They’re due, when? Tomorrow? This last-minute thing he’s so comfortable doing with all things I consider VERY IMPORTANT (subjective perspective, you understand) I’m still trying to get used to. Every year he assures me ‘they’ll get done’ and alas, every year the do. Except, every year he does them just a tad later than the previous year. Every year for 12 years we always manage to make the deadline and get a refund. But…

I stress about this for weeks leading up to the deadline. I can’t help myself.

It’s hard for me, this doing things at the last minute. Then again, I’m purging out-grown toys 2 years later than I should have…

Seems it’s just another day at casa Javaline.

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