Daily mental clutter

So I’m turning my 8yo sickie into a Trekkie.

star_trek_the_next_generation-showI’m a Next Generation fan. I loved loved loved that show when I was in University. Until they made it all about violence, around the time that Desert Storm was happening. All of a sudden, it was about the ‘all American hero” and chasing bad guys and always, always winning, raising to the top of all evil.

The exploration, the science, was gone. I stopped watching, and soon, the show went off the air.

Now suddenly we have Space TV, a channel that we didn’t have before and that plays Star Trek the Next Generation at 4 pm every day. The trusty old VCR allows me to tape the shows, and alas, the boy is crashed on the couch with his cold and watching episode Masks. This episode features the robot Data in the main role, and Benjamin is thrilled!

* * *

DH and I had a weekend getaway sans kids. We went to glorious Buffalo (lol) for some shopping and a night in a hotel with fine dining. We met friends of ours there who do this regularly, and although DH and I are not shoppers at all, the trip away with good company and good food did us a lot of good!

We ended up shopping at an outdoor place and got a few summer items; he for his hunting hobby and I for the quick-dry, comfort aspect of staying home with mini-athletes. I’ll be walking/swimming/hiking/picnicking and biking with those two, I needed clothes that were not cotton, which absorbs sweat and doesn’t keep the skin dry. The quick-dry athletic wear is comfortable and cool, and I bought myself a whole bunch of tops and bottoms.

On the way back to the border we were thoroughly unimpressed with the dumpy, industrial look of the north eastern New York State area just around Niagara Falls and I suggested we drive home along Canada’s wine route toward Niagara-on-the-Lake once we cross back into Canada (I realize New York State has some beautiful spots, but northern Buffalo is not one of them.). Canada’s Niagara area is so beautiful, along the river, past wineries, into quaint little villages, we ended up stopping and having dinner at an old-fashioned hotel. Sitting on the terrace, looking at the spring blooms, absorbing the atmosphere of a long-holiday weekend, it was a lovely way to end the day.

source: http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/articles/niagaraonthelakeI didn’t bring along my camera….but this is what the town looked like. So cute.

* * *

By the time I got home I witnessed how mom and Sonja took care of my veggie garden. My salad stuff was growing, and I was happy! Until the next morning, when I saw this:

nibbled lettuceCould have been a rabbit…sigh.  Now I gotta get me a gate. Some chicken wire, or stakes, or something. BLAH. They did not eat my newly sprouted asparagus though…

asparagus in garden

The blooms on the Bleeding Heart and the Forget-me-nots however are absolutely gorgeous!

spring bloomsAnd then I lost the girl. Except, she wasn’t really lost…she discovered tree climbing and when I say tree climbing I mean she climbs almost to the top. That girl will be the end of me! (Next time I’ll have her wear a helmet.).


005So this is how the kick-off to summer started in our neck of the woods. Today is cool and dark-ish though, and I have a headache which usually announces some weather. Given the huge system that went through Tornado Alley recently, I’m not surprised at how unstable the weather system is even up here…but we are definitely done with winter.

Knock on wood.


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