A day in the life of…household chores

Sometimes I wonder why I get nothing accomplished, especially things that are not part of the daily household chores. There are endless items that need purging and sorting in the basement, and I just can’t seem to get to it. Perhaps I let myself get distracted too easily.

For example, I get up on Saturday morning, look at the weather and the weather report, determine that there’s an at least 50% chance activities are canceled for the day, and plan on sorting tools in our renovated basement that still requires putting back together after the renovations were completed. The sooner I get that basement purged and re-organized the better mood I will be in, I tell myself.

So this is what happens with my good intentions, in order and self-dialogue:

  1. Before I go downstairs I may as well get a quick shower in, just in case t-ball is not canceled.
  2. Huh. There’s three baskets of clean laundry in the bedroom.
  3. Oh, the pile of dirty laundry in the closet is kinda big…looks like at least one kid’s baseball uniform is in that pile.
  4. I’ll just wear some yoga pants and head downstairs to sort the tools.
  5. Downstairs is where the laundry room is, and since the dirty pile is big enough for at least one load, I may as well take that with me.
  6. I need an empty laundry basket for the dirty laundry pile.
  7. The laundry baskets are full of clean laundry.
  8. I could dump the clean laundry on the unmade bed and ignore it while taking the dirty laundry downstairs.
  9. I could fold and put away the clean laundry…
  10. I don’t feel like doing laundry, rather sort the tools.
  11. If I go downstairs without a basket of laundry I’ll just have to do it later and later we have to go to a BBQ.
  12. Someone is going to need the uniform in the dirty laundry pile.
  13. Fine, I’ll dump the clean laundry and take the dirty laundry with me.
  14. Huh. That is my new top which is all wrinkled now. Better hang it up so I won’t have to iron it.
  15. While I’m hanging that up, may as well hang up this one too.
  16. Since I’m folding some of the clean laundry, I’ll just put it away, won’t take me long.
  17. Why is Sonja’s drawer so full? Oh, her winter clothes are still in here.
  18. Ok, here’s Sonja’s winter pile that won’t fit next year,  I need to get a bag for Goodwill. Will just go to the kitchen to get a bag quick…
  19. Huh, the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes. Isn’t the dishwasher empty? They could at least put the dishes in the washer.
  20. Oh, the washer is full of clean dishes. Who’s turn is it to empty the washer?
  21. Where is everyone anyway? Why am I the only one working?

It is highly unlikely that I will get to the tool sorting today unless the rest of the lazy bums who live in this house get off their butts and help out. We talked about household responsibilities around here more than enough times. The kids can empty washers, fill washers, sort laundry, and put laundry away. So what gives?


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