When the end is near, but oh so far…

I realize I’m not the only one, nor am I the first (or will be the last) to complain about the last few weeks of school, but seriously. Can we just get to the end?

I’m spent.


This morning’s event was a realization that I better get myself back on track and keep it together for a few more days. I woke in a panic realizing that Benjamin had a field trip today. As I was lying in bed willing myself to get my coffee going, I had a flashback to the note Sonja brought home yesterday. It said that Wednesday is a PLAY DAY for the entire school.

I thought Wednesday was the field trip for Ben. How can they schedule a field trip for three of the classes when the entire school has a play day that same day?

I quickly consulted Ben’s calendar which is still posted to the school wall and then freaked out throwing various loose items of paper all over the place trying to find the note that listed what time the bus left, what they needed to bring, etc.

Of course the note was missing.

Had this been, say, February or earlier, I would have had that note posted right next to Ben’s monthly calendar.  But alas, when paper comes into the house today (and face it, you got kids in school you have a forest of paper in your house) I leave it lying around to get to later and then later never comes…


So there’s me, half dressed with no bra and hair in a pony tail, at the convenience store picking up fruit and sandwich stuff so I can at least feed my poor child on his trip.

This makes my already fragile state even more perilous. As in, I’m VERY moody, stay far away or I will explode.

But he got his lunch. Mom saves the day once again.

While I’m at it I should check the house right now for things like wine, dinner-type materials that can be cooked quickly into some sort of a meal everyone will eat, and unpaid bills. Just in case I have another misconception about what day of the week it is.

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