The end has come and we have arrived and as soon as I get locally grown strawberries and some chilled wine, I’ll be at the poolside.

Oh wait. It’s raining and cool. The humidex isn’t due back till Sunday-ish….

That’s ok. I’ll just engage in learning how to embrace the clutter and chaos. Sonja is doing a fine job starting: she is going through her poetry journal and re-singing or chanting all of it. I snuck behind her and filmed her cute little voice because how precious is that? She is reliving her two years of Kindergarten.

Ben is on the couch. In pjs. Playing some sort of fast-moving video game on his Nabi tablet. He wants the updated hockey version which costs money and I said no. Ha. So he went back on the couch and is playing some other fast-moving game. Whatever.

And DH is here instead of at the hunting club. Because of the rain.

First day of summer and we’re all lazying around. 🙂

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