The next person who complains about the heat…

…will not get any ice cream for the foreseeable future.

It’s hot outside. It’s humid. The pool out back is no longer refreshing.

Why did I not sign them up for summer hockey? Hockey rinks are so cool and pleasant right now…


We’re on week 3 of summer vacation and still getting along. I blame it on the lack of schedule. Heck, the constant schedule keeping and all the minutiae I had to keep track of to never lose track of what and where and when had us all so exhausted, we’re kind of enjoying the complete lack of obligation.

No one is in camp.

DH is on vacation for another week, for a total of four weeks.

We eat when we’re hungry and often I just point at fruit or cereal (or sometimes junk. Whatever. I don’t care just grab what you can reach).

We sleep when we’re tired.

She watches endless hours of tv.

He’s on the old laptop playing I don’t know what, free NHL hockey games or something.

I drink wine. Often I skip dinner and just have wine. It’s too hot to eat. (Or cook. See above.)

No one wants to exert energy and we hang in the pool when we feel like doing something different.

We had a fantastic vacation in Ottawa, our nation’s capital, last week, and I can honestly say the kids probably learned more in those four days of museum visits than they did the entire school year in the public system. Too bad his job isn’t getting relocated to Ottawa, I’d be packed and halfway out the door by now…

There are many new things happening with the coming school year, and when I find my missing propulsion, I’ll blog about it.

Until then, we’re enjoying summer. Before you know it we’re back to making lunches, enforcing homework, and watching the clock for the endless activities.

One thought on “The next person who complains about the heat…

  1. This sounds glorious. I have to admit I am kind of dropping the ball with Summer of Awesome this year. It’s just been so much easier to laze around the house, eating popsicles in the backyard and playing video games and shooting each other with water guns. And why not, I find myself asking – this is summer, too. I think wine for dinner is a brilliant, brilliant idea. It’s alllllll happening :).

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