Inconsequential words

Today I:

  • had a headache which may or may not have been due to the wine I had last night
  • watched DH lie on the couch unable to sit, or walk, without pain
  • bought $78 worth of stuff at the Bulk Barn (and some of it was non-eatable stuff, like soap. And I had a coupon.)
  • bought a heating pad for DH to help him with his back
  • ate a fantastic sausage on a bun
  • snuggled with my girlie until she had a nap
  • had a nap myself
  • took the guinea pig outside for some grass, brought him back in, took him out again, and in again
  • did one quick load of towels and hung them out to dry
  • took the towels off the line and folded them into a basket
  • left the basket in the hallway to trip over and get irritated by for the rest of the day (where it will stay till I feel the need to do more laundry sometime in the next week because I DO NOT HAVE A PLACE TO STORE TOWELS IN THIS HOUSE AND THE KIDS WILL USE THEM ALL THE NEXT TIME THEY WANT TO GO IN THE POOL OR DO A PICNIC)
  • cleaned out the bbq with the indoor brush and dustpan and then put on my grocery list BUY A NEW BRUSH AND DUSTPAN FOR NON-BBQ USE
  • taught my 8 year old son how to make a pot of basmati rice using only words to teach him, not demonstrations
  • made a fantastic dinner of bbq-ed salmon stuffed with fresh citrus-scented herbs from my garden (lemon verbena, lemon thyme and orange mint)
  • yelled at some children about yelling and not eating THE DELICIOUS DINNER I MADE FOR THEM and compared how a little too much salt in the rice is not the end of the world BECAUSE THEY EAT SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS WHICH IS PROOF TO ME THAT THEY LIKE SALT SO EAT THE DAMN RICE
  • and then sat down to blog this stupid piece of incoherent words.

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