It’s not back to school yet, but it’s back to hockey

Yesterday, the last day of July, I tweeted this:

back to school already?

Look, I realize that after that humidity-drenched few weeks in July the cooler weather was welcome by most of us. But that is no reason to hurry the kids back to school just yet. (Says the mom who cherishes her sanity by sticking the kids in front of the boobtube with Netflix.)

Point is, I am not READY for schedules and routine. I am NOT ready for hockey practices….


Hockey is here. No, the kids are not doing summer hockey lessons (at least not till the end of August). I put my skate down in May and announced that we will live a hockey free summer this year.

Only…there is a hockey parade happening today in a neighbourhood close by. The Stanley Cup, which, for those in the know, is the highest trophy you can win in the National Hockey League, is coming to our part of town with the player who shot the winning goal. Although it wasn’t our local team who won it, the player, Dave Bolland, is from here, and considered a local hero now. He’s also joined the Toronto Maple Leafs and will be practicing at the same four-pad rink where Ben and Sonja will be playing for their league.

So….this morning, I tweeted this:

Stanley Cup tweet

I Guess I am a hockey mom…

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