The children are gone for the day

I have a blissful 6 hours alone today. It’s a taste of what’s to come when those little maniacs kidlets of mine head back to school in a few weeks. Sonja, for the first time, will be gone all day as well, just like her brother. She’ll be gone all day long. No one for me to pick up and hug at lunchtime. no one to have a picnic with, or walk the dog to the park with, or have a tea at the cafe with. No one to chatter my ear off endlessly.

Makes me sad.

A milestone will be reached. A big achievement for her. And for me, too.

Makes me….all twitchy. Sort of.


All of these thoughts are rattling around in my head. I am not quite ready for summer to end, especially not the lovely weather we’ve been having, but at the same time I can tell in a week or two, the kids will pretty much be bored with the lack of action. They like school, their friends, and all the associated activity which comes with the back to school hoopla. And with two kids in hockey this year, it’s gonna be a ride, I’m sure.

Alas, I  have no idea if I’ll actually have the focus I need to achieve my own plans. Does anyone else go through this? Some people sit at home and cry for two weeks while they adjust to the empty nest, and I know of several who have done this in the past. I’m not sure if I’ll cry, exactly, but I do know there will be days when I’ll stay home and let depression sink me down into the couch. Maybe I’ll catch up on endless hours of the Yong and the Restless, or Bold and Beautiful, or maybe I’ll wile away my day at the computer browsing blogs.

Maybe I’ll go shopping.

I hate shopping.

Maybe I’ll paint the kitchen or renovate other parts of the house.

Maybe I’ll….write a book. Start a blog and monetize it.  Get a job….


In the meantime, I am not doing too badly on the productivity side of things today, my childless day.

The laundry is hanging outside. The second load is also up. The guinea pig is transferred to his outdoor location. The baseball bat sized zucchini is harvested and partly shredded for the chocolate zucchini muffins I made which are currently cooling on top of the stove.  (I’m not much of a baker, but this recipe was so easy.)

* * * there is a very irritating fly irritating me * * *

And, I’ve been fooling around with this blog and its theme, header and what not. I have ideas for this blog, as mentioned above, and finalizing all the details proves to be rather time-consuming. Which is ok because, do I have to say this again, I am childless today! Childless means there is silence in the house and I can work without interruption IF IT WASN’T FOR THIS FREAKING FLY…


So back to my work I go. As soon as I find the fly swatter and kill the bugger.


2 thoughts on “The children are gone for the day

  1. Finally catching up on my blog reading! Watch for some outdated comments on your posts :). Anyway, I’m on day two now of having no kids at home all day – how’s it going for you? So far I have found that I have created a MASSIVE to-do list of projects, yet have managed start nothing, finish nothing, and accomplish nothing other than two loads of laundry, a lot of fooling around on Facebook, and driving halfway across the city to buy a $10 pair of track pants for my daughter. I feel like I need to put myself on a bit of a schedule…next week, maybe :).

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