Bickering: the official sound of the end of summer

I love the sound of bickering children when I get up way past the time they do…


In my defense, I had insomnia and was up way before anyone else was. I went back to bed at 5 am, so I was entitled to snooze past the usual breakfast time around here. You would think.

The reason for the bickering was some issue on the couch in front of the tv.

Turns out she kicked him in the shoulder because he wouldn’t be quiet during her show.

The same shoulder he hurt and warranted a visit to the doctor two days ago to check for hairline fracture or dislocation of some joint.

This is what irritates me (besides the bickering):

They have had no summer camp at all for the duration of the summer. Anticipating that the last two weeks of school will demonstrate the usual increase in bickering, I booked them for afternoon tennis this week at a cute little private club with a clay court. There is a big park with a splash pad beside it. We could, if we wanted to, bike to it from our house.  And the camp doesn’t start till 1 pm.

Perfect, I thought. I will have a few childless hours to accomplish an ever-growing list of things to get done and they will have fun doing a summer activity outside.

On the second afternoon at the end of the camp we go to the park behind the tennis court and Benjamin manages to fall down so awkwardly onto his neck and shoulder he can’t place a seat belt around his skinny little body.

Long story short, my athletic, never-stops-moving boy-child is declared fracture free by the nice nurse at the doctors’ office and will likely rebound a high-speed recovery.

This is good news. He is not seriously hurt and needs time to rest and recuperate. This is also bad news because of all the weeks to have an accident, he manages to do this during the tennis camp week.

I keep thinking about how he’s missing a favorite sport due to his injury and then kick myself for feeling this way. He is injured, let him rest, I say to myself. Then I say, maybe he’ll get a discount for the fall tennis lessons because he’s missing tennis camp now. Then I say, crap he starts a hockey clinic next week, will he be ok for that? Then I say, it’s not serious, he’ll be fine, stop worrying.

We iced him, then rubbed a homeopathic lotion on his sore shoulder which is neither bruised nor swollen, and let him rest. He said the worst time for pain was after a period of inactivity, so after he rested all day yesterday I made him do some gentle shoulder rolling and then told him to pick up a broom and sweep up the living room.


A warm bean bag on his shoulder later, some nice pain killers to help him sleep, and this morning his sister kicks him in the shoulder.


We’ll see how he is later today. Maybe he can go to tennis and simply sit out when he doesn’t feel up to the task. We’ll play it by ear.

But seriously, this entire two-day event has put me behind my projected goals of having this house de-purged and ready for company and school…sigh sigh sigh.

Still, the end of summer is looming, and although I haven’t reached the point of complete exasperation just yet, I am looking forward to back to school, hockey and all the other assorted hoopla.

Routine, once I establish myself into a new type of routine with both kids gone all day, will be here soon enough.

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