Last week of summer vacation and…

I am:

  • running out of stamina and steam and patience and ideas (but so do the kids but they’re kids and they’re not allowed to be dull and boring).
  • feeding the children fries and pop when out on errands with money I put away for school related expenses.
  • not doing laundry. Correction: doing some laundry and then forgetting it and leaving it in the washer overnight instead of transferring to dryer or line outside which results in having to do laundered laundry twice.
  • not picking up stuff. Or, picking up stuff, putting it someplace where I will trip over it and get annoyed by it and then blame it on the rest of the family for not putting their shit away.
  • not cooking with the food I spent 200 bucks on just yesterday.
  • not yelling at the children when they piss me off. Instead, I just let them resolve their own issues and offer to cancel hockey when one of them gets hurt. (She kicks, he pushes, both may or may not bite.) (Ignoring them seems to work. Why didn’t anyone tell me ignoring is a parenting method?)
  • tired of summer. (Not really, tired of the HUMID summer weather.)
  • tired of vacation. (Not really the idea of relaxing and not having a routine or schedule, for ME, but the kids need to get back to structure.)
  • tired of this place. (A sentiment that hasn’t changed for the past 10 years.)

Related:  I may have a job translating a cookbook from one language to another. Ha.

Unrelated: I’ve been to the rink, twice already. While it’s a gazillion degrees outside. Do you know how hard it is to dig out fleece and jackets in August?

Also we own pink hockey tape.