Bye bye summer vacation, the snowbirds are here!

Good morning, and welcome to the last day of summer vacation pre-long weekend. My aunt from Italy is in town, as are my brother and nephew from Vancouver, and we will see them on Sunday for a bbq and a swim. Until then, I have plans to do

absolutely nothing

with my children.

I tried to keep them busy up to now. Every morning I would pack a bit of a picnic and we’d go exploring someplace. Every morning one of the kids didn’t want to go. Every morning it took hours for that kid to change their mood by which time I was in a bad mood. Whining and complaining incessantly does that to me, especially during this sticky heat we’re experiencing. I must learn to work on that somehow…

So today we stay home. Nothing wrong with bored children. Boredom gets those creative juices flowing, and if they turn on an electronic device I’ll give them a chore to do. There’s always dishes, meal prep, laundry….go ahead, DARE ME, tell me I’m bored, child and I’ll give you something to do!

Anyway. The snowbirds are in town, Canada’s favorite military aerobatics team, and when they start their performance we will first hear, then see them fly over our house. Maybe I’ll walk down to the pebble beach with those kids to catch a glimpse…

Are we excited about going back to school? I have mixed feelings, truth be said. School always seems a good idea in early fall, and for Sonja entering grade 1, it will be a big milestone. I too am looking forward to several child-free hours to accomplish things around here, including attempting to kick my freelance career back into action, and Benjamin, well, we shall see. He likes school, is excited to see his friends, and this year he’s getting a male teacher who is a favorite at his school. It’s just the homework part I’m a little worried about. Will it be a struggle, again, this year? Will we have to fight about it prior to a busy night of hockey? Will he just suck it up this year and just get it done in a timely fashion? Will he write legibly?

Maybe I’ll just cross that bridge when we get to it. Note to self: may want to head to the wine store  prior to Tuesday…

As I type this, Sonja has our gigantic guinea pig in a bucket. Poor guy…better go rescue him before she suffocates that animal.


One thought on “Bye bye summer vacation, the snowbirds are here!

  1. So…how did the school year start go? My little one starting Grade 1 did just fine, after a lot of fretting (by her and me) in the week leading up to it. She has a teacher who is known for her strictness, but I quite like her in spite of that, and she got her best friend in her class, so all is good so far. The older two are a mixed bag of success, but getting there.

    I’m going to let the all-day-by-myself thing simmer for a few days before commenting on the blog about it. So far: easily distracted, eating up all my time with busywork, not too much happening in terms of real work. I am considering making myself a schedule of daily activity so I stop fooling around so much.

    What happened with the cookbook translation? Is it happening?

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