Lunch date with a tiny girl

Two weeks have flown by and I’m sitting here with coffee at 5 am wondering how I manage to still be upright. It has been beyond busy and the only reason I survived (mostly) is because our summer was relatively schedule and activity free, and mostly relaxing. If our summer had been as busy as the school year was last year there is no way I would have made it through the last couple of weeks.

But all the visiting and special activities are now over and we are able to settle into a new routine. A new era has begun, with two children in school full time.

Well, that’s what I thought until the little first grader announced she does not want to stay at school for lunch anymore.


She was so proud, carrying her princess lunch bag and sitting with the other children, eating a packed picnic lunch at school. Yet by the second week she said the lunch ladies yell and she doesn’t like that, so she would like for me to invite her to have lunch at home.

She’s very formal about it.

I investigated what the issue might be and was told that the lunch room isn’t particularly large and about 75 kids talking and eating in that room can make it seem somewhat overwhelming for certain kids. The yelling itself however, I’m not sure what that’s all about. I can imagine the lunch ladies have to keep a lid on the noise level in there, and may try to be heard when it gets a touch out of control. Imagine 75 kids ages five to about 10 sitting in there eating lunch, and talking excitedly the way kids do. It must get loud, and when the supervisors try to reduce the noise down to acceptable levels it’s quite possible that they have to raise their own voices in an effort to be heard.

Well Sonja doesn’t like it. She doesn’t like the yelling by the adults. Ironically she isn’t bothered by the noise the children make.

Frankly, the entire issue confuses me. Sonja yells more than anyone in this house, so what gives?

Anyway, I decided to indulge her and have her join me at home for lunch for a few days this week. I figure the extra walk in the day can help my seemingly expanding waistline. But the lunch period was reduced from 60 minutes t0 40 minutes his year, so after eating I’ll have to drive her back to school or we’ll never make it on time. It’s a good five blocks, and she is a good walker, but I don’t want her to have to rush her meal just to make it back to school in time.

So lunch we shall have together, just like during her Kindergarten days.

I particularly like the idea of having to focus on lunch. During the last two weeks of extreme busyness I found myself either skipping lunch and then grabbing something whenever, or grazing all day. Neither is particularly healthy and it certainly didn’t hold me over to dinner. Dinner had to be planned too because of various activities, so once again, it became a situation of grab and go, rather than sit down and eat a meal. I don’t do well with irregular eating, or mediocre food intake, so perhaps this lunch date with my tiny girl will help launch me back into a more healthy, organized eating habit.

We’ll see how it goes. Lunch with my girl and the beginning of a healthier food intake. Win-win, isn’t it.


One thought on “Lunch date with a tiny girl

  1. Aw…I think that’s super sweet. It’s a nice treat for you both to see each other, and maybe gives her a little reassurance in the middle of the day. Adorable! Hope you are enjoying your lunches – like you, I’ve gone to a weird grab-and-go-graze style of eating all day that I’m sure is not good for me. Maybe when spring comes, you can take her a picnic and snack together in a nearby park, so it’s not as rushed.

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