What it’s like to be a SAHM

Since the kids went back to school I was going to re-define what my life as a Stay-At-Home-Mom was going to be like. Alas, so far little has changed. I am still a servant to the family, and this will have to come to an end very shortly.

* * *

Yesterday it turns out that DH and the boy left their bag with their water bottles somewhere on some baseball diamond. No one emailed us that they found it and kept it, so that bag is lost forever.

DH’s water bottle was a nice, stainless steel one. The one he packed for Ben was the plastic hockey one, with the long spout. He packed that one probably because it was already ready and they were rushed. Normally that bottle doesn’t go anywhere other than to the rink.

The hockey bottle gone missing is what is causing me to turn my day upside down today. That, and the fact that both kids want to come home for lunch.  (No fair she gets to have home made pizza, I want to come home for lunch too!)

Where are my 6 hours of child-free days? Oh the things I was going to get done while they were both out of the house all day…

I have to find time to drive up to the store to get a new bottle and spend the rest of the time preparing food. Because their lunch hour is so short (only 40 minutes) and we live five blocks away from school (which we like to walk but given the lack of time, can’t walk at lunch time) I have to spend the morning making sure lunch is ready to eat by the time they get here.

I barely have time to blog (and I only take the time to blog because I have nothing of my own to call my own what with everything and everyone else’s stuff going on). But by sitting here blogging other stuff is not getting done. Laundry could be hung out to dry (after I remember to wash it first), lunch could be prepared (and should be, see italicized whine above), and tomorrow is garbage day, I was going to PURGE STUFF.


The weather is glorious today. I also wanted to finish putting the pool a way. I wanted to harvest some stuff from the garden. I wanted to spend my day doing my stuff, not worry about what time I have to leave to pick up kids. But it is what it is. Sonja will get used to the lunchroom eventually, and I will get my time back.

I will. I have to…no way I can keep this up indefinitely.

Because of the short lunch time available to feed my offspring at home I will have to drive them back to school before the bell rings at 12:30. Since I’ll already be in the car I may as well drive up to Canadian Tire and replace Ben’s water bottle. He has hockey tomorrow night, as does Sonja. And a whole bunch of birthdays are coming up, requiring shopping for presents. Perhaps I will take an extra few minutes to accomplish that, too.

And another day of happy homemaking will be over before I can say “my kids are in school all day”.

One thought on “What it’s like to be a SAHM

  1. Word to this. Even though my kids are safely ensconced at school all day long, the time is flying by. Errand days are the worst – I feel like I’m running all over town, this store, that store, and not getting a ton of stuff done; at the same time the day feels rushed and busy and crazy. I have an ever-growing list of “big projects” to do around here – even stuff that MUST get done, like prepping the gardens for winter – and it’s just not happening.

    You know what we need? A secretary. And maybe a personal assistant. Halvsies?

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