Entering the world of online games for schoolaged kids

Do kids still play Webkinz or is this a passing fad?

Years ago, when Sonja was 3, the kids each received a Webkinz Ganz stuffed toy from friends whom we visited in Montreal. Benjamin got a Dinosaur, and Sonja a Horse. They were ecstatic.

Ben named his toy Dyno, and Sonja hers NeyNey. 🙂

When we got home, Ben was able to figure out with my help how to work the online adoption centre and its associated games you can play with his now virtual Dinosaur. We were able to do this because I entered the information from the little tag that was attached to the Dinosaur into my secret online spot so I would always know what the secret code was. I did not do this for Sonja thinking at age 3 it was too soon for her to play online games that require reading.

Ha. Little did I know the ordeal that would launch us into…

Naturally over time the little tags that I put someplace safe were lost. But Ben’s information was in the computer so he continued to play on and off from that year on to this day.

Sonja in the meantime learned how to read rather quickly (that determination when she wants something is rather amazing to me) and was not impressed that I no longer had her tag with her secret code.

She watched Ben play and bitterly complained about her lack of ability to do the same.

I made a mental note to perhaps mention to some family to give her a Ganz toy as a gift for her birthday or Christmas or what have you, but then never made much effort to remember to do so. I need more stuffed animals in this house about as much as I need a hole in my head.

Fast forward to two kids fighting for the warm, comfy spot on the couch recently. I kicked the trouble making child off the couch and onto a chair that slid backwards into a bookshelf. He promptly knocked down a small basket containing a bunch of CDs. The loud crash made us look up and I commanded him to pick up the mess he made.

He did. And found the missing secret codes of the Ganz stuffed toys! I must have placed the tags in the little CD basket…do not ask me why I would pick that spot over some other, more logical one.

Anyway, this happened several days ago and the refrain from my girl-child, which she sings practically every hour while in the house, goes something like this:

IF you have some time and WHEN you spend some time on your computer MAYBE you can set up my WEBKINZ for me.


I just looked at the website. I think I’ll just have Ben set it up for her….I don’t feel like dealing with the adoption centre questions and my brain is too fried to think up of cutsie passwords everyone will remember.

While they’re preoccupied with Webkinz, perhaps I can push off the whole Minecraft request a bit longer. At least till the weather turns colder and we spend more time indoors.

One thought on “Entering the world of online games for schoolaged kids

  1. Huh. We went through a Webkinz phase about two years ago, and I was actually just as addicted as the children. The games were so fun! And the animals were so cute! I really enjoyed it.

    But there’s warnings all over the site that if you don’t add a new code/Webkinz within a year, then all your stuff will be erased. So for a while there, we were getting them a new Webkinz every 6 months or so, to ensure that their account would remain active. Eventually I couldn’t take the accumulation of stuffed animals so we quietly let the time run out and I assumed their accounts were now gone.

    But it sounds to me like your son has been playing for a few years at least on just one Webkinz? INTERESTING. I will try to log in today and see what happens (well, there goes the morning).

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