Housewife then and now

I feel like a 1950s housewife. One who is donning aprons and baking up a storm (did that yesterday) (I actually do NOT like baking) and cleaning closets (been doing that for 12 years and counting) and leaving dishes to rot in the sink (so not really like the 1950s housewife) and walking the kids to school with unruly hair and flats instead of polka-dot dresses and high-heeled shoes.

Things are particularly irritating these days. Wanna know what they are? I can list them here for your reading pleasure only because I am not in the mood to finish the closets/dishes and other associated housewifey stuff.

Note to self: get a job.

The top 5 things that irritate me:

  1. We have somehow lost the remote to the main tv. It refuses to re-appear and that is not nice since while I putter around the house I have various daytime shows on that (as Jeni @highlyirritable says) begin with “The” and when it gets too annoying I want to change the channel and have to physically walk over to the tv and press some manual button. (Ok, so that’s kind of like the housewifey-retro thing again).
  2. I wore an apron and baked cookies with pumpkin puree and now I have to eat them because I suspect that the kids are no crazy about them since they are not devouring them which means my pants will go up another size shortly. Irritating.
  3. I spend too much time in the car driving around looking for things to buy I do not need. Like new clothes in larger sizes, for example.
  4. I have not had a functioning cell phone since…weeks ago. I suffered serious withdrawal for the first week but find myself actually enjoying not having to feel the need to check why the red light is constantly blinking. It’s been somewhat liberating, frankly, until I’m out shopping and suddenly experience an anxiety attack that one of the kids got hurt and is enroute to the hospital and no one from the school can reach me. Irritating.
  5. Also my grocery list and birthday gift idea list is in my broken phone which is irretrievable and therefore…yep, irritating.

On a positive note, we have had some seriously nice fall weather. Cool enough in the mornings and evenings to have to dig out warmer jackets, but not so cold yet that we’re stuck indoors endlessly. It rained all day Saturday which was ok because the gardens did need the water, and we were at the rink anyway, but by Sunday the nice sunshine was back again. I am not looking forward to the ‘fall-back time change’ at all…the cold and dark early evenings will killl me everytime we have to leave the house again AFTER dinner. But for now, we’re hanging on to this Indian summer and I drop extra Vitamin D mulsion into my orange juice every morning to ward off pending depression.

The rest of the week looks something like this:

DH’s birthday
Curriculum Night
Pay bills

Maybe this weekend we’ll treat ourselves out for a nice dinner. Until then I’m gonna have to don that apron again and get cooking. Right after I finish clearing out closets and purging the outgrown stuff.

Like I said: housewife.



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