The thing about my lunch

I could write several posts about the kids’ lunches, but I won’t. Who needs to endure my kids’ [occasional] ordeal when you have your own to deal with? I mean, most likely you have a kid food story to tell. Most people I know, or talk to, or read about, have had some issue with the school lunch situation at some point.

But this post is about is MY lunch. Or my lack of lunch.

Ever since the kids have started school, I have not eaten properly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat crap or especially high-calorie stuff. It’s the fact that I don’t plan my meal, or prep my meal, or even think of lunch as a meal.

I figure, my day is short, there’s not a lot of time to do everything I want to, so why waste time in the kitchen to plan something as inconsequential as my lunch? I can just grab some crackers, or cheese, or some quick leftovers from last night, or skip lunch….who cares, right?


Andrea in the fishbowl takes a picture of a daily lunch she prepares for herself. Like me, she has kids out of the house all day and works from home. Why does she bother with this picture taking every day, you may wonder. Well for the record, I thought it was a great idea. It made her focus on her food intake and she likes taking pictures, especially of food….you can see her lunch pictures right here.

Makes you want to go to her house for lunch, doesn’t it.

Well, It’s been almost a month since the kids have not come home for lunch (with a few days of transition from the little first grader, but she’s over her issues now), and I can tell you, I have not felt healthy, fulfilled, or satisfied with any of my eating habits at all.

I have gained weight.

I have felt lethargic and hyper at the same time.

I have felt hungry all the time and never completely full or satisfied in a meaningful way.

I must prepare a lunch every day and sit down to eat it.

I must stop grazing, snacking and then over-indulging in things like wine, cheese or olives at the make-dinner-supervise-homework-hour.

I must pay more attention to my health.

Which is why today, I’m roasting tomatoes. I will sprinkle them with herbs, put them on a  plate with fresh salad leaves, and crumble a bit of goat cheese on top. I had such a salad at a French restaurant this weekend and it was beyond delicious. So of course, I have to duplicate this recipe.

This is what it looked like before I inhaled it just a few minutes ago:

roasted tomatoes on greens with goat cheese

It was surprisingly easy and quick to make if you have your salad greens pre-washed and ready to go. One of the reasons I find myself not eating more salads for lunch is because it is so time consuming to prepare. All that washing, chopping of vegetables, it takes time, especially if you harvest your salad stuff from your vegetable garden. It will have soil, and sometimes bugs on it you have to diligently wash off.

But this is not an excuse (I tell myself with a slap on the back of my own head). Stop making excuses. You eat salads for dinner every day, what prevents you from preparing extra stuff and leave it in the fridge?

Nothing. Other than other excuses, like ‘a second fridge would be helpful’ and ‘a bigger kitchen with more counter space would be helpful’.


Anyway, I will let the Daily Lunches from Andrea’s twitter feed (@missfish #dailylunches) continue to inspire me, and hope I don’t fall off the lunch wagon.


2 thoughts on “The thing about my lunch

  1. I have the HUGEST bowl of garden tomatoes on my counter right now, and no idea what to do with them (they’re grape tomatoes, so not sure if they’re even freezable). Can you tell me how you roasted yours? They look amazing!

  2. Do you have a toaster oven? Line baking sheet with parchment paper or foil, slice tomatoes and drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle sea salt and roast on high heat (400 or higher) till soft. Small tomatoes will be in as little as 10-15 minutes. I sometimes do it on the bbq.

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