Blink, and your baby is an adult

Do you realize, in real. physical terms, that when you have a child that is 8 or 9 years old, in ten, that’s 10, short years, he will be an adult?

Ten years may seem like a long time to a child, but in our current run-around-like-maniacs-all-the-time multitasking adult life, ten years seems really, really short.

I look at this perspective and feel completely frazzled. I look at what I want to accomplish to make their childhood count in a positive way NOW only I seem to have very little time to actually activate these ideas. If I wait, however, then I’ll only have nine years to do it. And by next year he’ll be 9 and then 10 and maybe by the time he’s 11 he won’t want to do what I didn’t do for him when he was 8 because he’s older and hanging out with mom isn’t quite as acceptable anymore….

Or something.

I look at the house. I know this: we either need to move, or we need to do some extensive renovating. We think, hey, we have time, the kids are small, they don’t mind sharing a room….

Next year I will have a 9 year old boy. In less than a week I have a 6 year old girl. In ten years, my 19 year old and my 16 year old won’t want to share a room, nor should they have to.

Ten years….is such a short time.

I’m all freaked out.

One thought on “Blink, and your baby is an adult

  1. Totally agree. I am constantly running against the clock – I moved out when I was 18 and never lived at home again. That gives me just 7 (SEVEN!!) years left with my oldest – CRAP. It really does go fast – too fast.

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