Surrenderring to the remote control

The online world is making me crazy.

Not only am I constantly plugged in of late, but now that the boy has discovered the free trial version of Minecraft I think I’m doomed.

And don’t get me started on the whole Netflix thingamajig.


All I wanted was to plug in a movie for the kids. Frankly, the selection on the Canadian version of Netflix isn’t fantastic, exactly, but luckily I have a fairly unencumbered female offspring who will watch just about any crap at all, so I figured I’ll find something for her. I really, REALLY needed her to stop bouncing and screeching. All in good fun, you understand, but I am off wine and sugar this week and there’s only so much six-year-old-girlie-bouncy-screechie-fun I can take in my precarious state…

So Netflix is loaded on the iPad. The iPad is gone hunting with the man. He has Kindle on it and uses it as an eReader. I said “why not take the Sony eReader, I may be glad to have an evening where I can plug the kids in front of a movie” but blah blah blah he gave me some reason and I thought whatever, it’s fine. We don’t need Netflix.

Then he said Netflix is loaded  on the one laptop and she has watched a movie on that thing before, but alas…I tried to find it, and couldn’t. And I’m not exactly uninformed of things internet ’round here. There is no Netflix on that laptop and anyway the boy is using it for his Minecraft obsession so this entire topic is moot.

Fine. We don’t NEED to be plugged in all the time. We could do a puzzle! (We did that twice last weekend.) We could do some mazes! (Did it last night.) We could…decorate for Halloween! (Did that on and off for over a week…)

We could…read? Draw? Talk?

Don’t want to.

You know how sometimes you just want to tune out in front of the boob tube? Tonight was one of those nights. So I said ‘let’s go get a dvd from the library’ and we did.


Except, not.

The effen new universal remote control we bought which has a handy dandy dvd function built right into the device refused to cooperate. I got it working, if by working you understand that the dvd was running and the tv was on, only the tv was showing the tv show and not the movie from the dvd.

Get it?

There was no way, after following steps 2-6 several times, to get the picture to show what it was supposed to show.

My girlie was not impressed. And you do not want to see the little Missy when she’s not impressed. Not when you’re off wine and sugar.

So I plugged them into YTV which is probably THE WORST station for kids out there. Not necessarily because the station is showing worse crap than the other crap that’s on tv, but because the commercials are just doing such a fantastic job brainwashing one of my kids that I simply can’t bear it in my current state (see above).

Anyway. She’s watching that, he’s on Minecraft free trial version yada thingy even though I told him half an hour ago he has to get off it but they’re just finally quiet and as you know I’m in a state…

I’m just saying.

Good night.

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