And Halloween’s upon us

*Before you let your kids eat twizzlers, read this first.*

I woke up in a bad mood. My first thought was what a stupid holiday this Halloween thing is. With the rain, and forecast storm tonight, this whole trick or treating business will put a damper on the whole evening. (Get it? DAMPer? lol)

My headache woke me up prior to 5 am so I left the bed to come to the couch and nurse my pain in front of the tv. Only someone kicked the remote under the couch and since I can’t see in the dark and light hurts my headache it took me a while to figure this out.  I stomped around and turned on lights and the kettle and finally found the remote but by that time I was more, not less, pissed off, so there’s that. Why can’t things be simple just some of the time? I realize we all have irritants and annoyances but really, haven’t I had more than my share recently?


There is a ton of candy in this house. We normally have between 150-200 kids so I wanted to be prepared. Except, the weather may not result in that many trick or treaters. Will this mean we will have to eat all this candy ourselves?

Maybe I won’t bake any Christmas cookies this year and just hand out Halloween candies in December…

While sipping coffee and flicking with the remote, I noticed this face sneering at me…so I got up and lit the candles and suddenly I felt calmer, and better. The children’s delight in Halloween decorations, and pumpkins, and all the hoopla, it does make the irritations of life seem a little less daunting.

Say hello to Mr. Pumpkinhead. Sonja and Ben carved him with their dad last night, and they are so proud!

Mr. Pumpkinhead

Mr. Pumpkinhead

One thought on “And Halloween’s upon us

  1. Hope you had a good evening, in the end. I am also a little blah about Halloween but the kids were so excited, and we always get so many kids, that it does make for a pretty fun night. The weather was supposed to be wicked last night but by some fluke, the rain that had been pouring down all day stopped right around 6, then started up again around 8:15. Perfect!

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