Meanwhile at Casa Javaline…

I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit.

Well, it worked for a while…late November, we had some big, fat snowflakes! We trekked through them to attend a local Christmas Open House at a community centre, and the white backdrop behind this beautiful wreath was very fitting.


Before we went to that though, we found out that the boots I got for Ben leaked (thank you Walmart and your cheap, badly-made foot-ware) and Sonja’s hand-me-down boots leaked (no more hand-me-down foot-ware from generous people anymore either) so I had to race to the store and dig amongst whatever sizes were left to get my kids some new winter boots. I got lucky and both kids are now outfitted for the cold, wet weather…just in time for it to get warm again.

Next year I’m buying winter boots in September. (No I won’t.)

Today, the warmish weather returned. Warm weather means that my procrastination to put up the outdoor Christmas lights can now be caught up on. See how productive I am? Here they are, my fake greens and blue lights…

jumble of Xmas lights

Someone should get off facebooktwitteremailblogsdamncomputer and put them up before the kids come home. Much as I like them helping me with stuff, hanging outdoor lights on an inconvenient front stoop with no railing will just result in an accident waiting to happen. So I started prior to lunchtime…

half-finished Xmas lights

The greenery needs to be wrapped around the string. I decided that doing it AFTER I hang up the lights is more fun (it’s not) and will take less time (it doesn’t) which is why the jumble of greenery is still mostly in my hallway on the floor.

I need to do some other pressing things first. I missed last night’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead so I gotta go find me a trailer, a tv schedule of a repeat, or a spoiler. I need to respond to a facebook message, check the 47 new tweets, and finish this post and the one on a school topic I’m working on. I need to stir the two pots and adjust the temperature of the toaster oven, and I need to print off a ticket for the One of a Kind Christmas craft show, which I hope to attend tomorrow.

All of this means that procrastination is alive and well here at casa Javaline, and I will be freezing my fingers off when I finish putting the lights up during the next cold snap or winter storm.

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