Taking it day by day

I’m not feeling the spirit here. But that’s ok because there is plenty of other things that are keeping me busy.  Some are holiday related, some are weather related, some are school related, and there’s some hockey related business as well (because, of course there is). Ultimately, we just wing it, and figure it out day by day. Doesn’t everyone do that at this time of year?


One thing that predominates around here is the family drama. When there’s a large family who mostly has adult kids and everyone wants to see our small kids, there’s a lot of coordinating, re-arranging of plans, scheduling and planning a Christmas get-together.  Ben and Sonja’s cousins who are within driving distance of our home are all adults, with the youngest in her 20s and the oldest in her late 30s. One adult cousin is in Ireland with her own kids. The other cousins, from my side of the family, are in Vancouver. Those cousins are closer to the ages of our kids, but Vancouver is a 5 hour plane ride away, so there’s that. Anyway, we had a plan, and then there was a misunderstanding, and a re-arranging of the existing plan, and some adjusting to meals, but I think we’ve finally figure it out. As far as I can tell right now, we are on Plan C  and will be spending Christmas eve out of the house and Christmas day at home alone. Or something.


Currently there is a whacky ice storm happening, and not just in Toronto and surrounding area. The system originated in Texas and from what I can tell pretty much the entire continent is somehow affected by drastic weather. Until about 2 pm today there is going to be issues with ice, and power outages. So far, we haven’t been affected by this, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t prepared. We have flashlights, candles, matches, batteries, as well as plenty of food, and even a fondue pot with fuel which we can use to heat water for soup, tea or coffee. I think we’re good.


The kids brought home some work to do over the break. Sonja will be starting some ‘show and tell’ project in January and although it was not specified that she has to have it done by the time school starts up again, she was given an instruction sheet to keep notes on if she wishes. The point of this exercise is to pick something she did over the holiday break and talk about it. Not five minutes after she came home from the last day of school she wanted to complete this sheet. I tried to explain that the break hasn’t even really started yet, and that the point was to pick something that happened during the entire two weeks off, but it was futile. So I gave her an activity book to work on and that kept her docile, to degrees.

Homework girl

The other kid has a research project due, but it is unclear if it’s due the day he gets back, or the week he gets back. It’s a fairly large, intense piece of work, with instructions typed out over three pages, so we’ve been having dialogue with that boy about what he is expected to do. He’s a touch confused, so just getting him to understand the objective of the project will take some effort…but at least he’s been willing, sort of, to pick up a couple of books on the topic when he accompanied me to the library yesterday. We shall see how this progresses over the break. I’m not particularly pleased that he has homework of this nature to do while he is away from his teacher…I need a break from school too.

So while we hunker down and stay mostly indoors, we bake cookies, we clean the guinea pig cage, we cook and we wrap presents. We watch endless tv, do laundry, and go to the rink for hockey. There’s a hockey tournament starting on Boxing Day so we will be at the rink every day till New Year’s eve (if they make it that far) which is ok, as the rink is a 5 minute drive from here. I’m ok with that, and we may get some public skate in at the same time.

This is Canada, after all. Ice, and hockey, and cold temperatures are part of it. May as well make the most of it.


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