When there’s ice…

So, um, yeah…there’s a lot of ice. Everything is covered in ice, and many residents of Toronto are without power. We are lucky, we didn’t lose power and continue to have heat and electricity.

But because some family in other parts of the city are affected and may be without power, or rolling outages, for days right over Christmas, we are trying to move the festivities to our little bungalow. Only problem is, some of the family isn’t checking their phones….either that, or they don’t have phone service.


This is now plan D, or the 4th version of the original plan for Christmas. Never a dull moment around here, is there. We hope to finalize our final plans prior to lunchtime tomorrow because once the turkey goes into the oven, that’s it. The decision will have been made by a dead bird.


So what have we been doing while spending all this quality time as a family?

Well, Sonja is busy with the animals.

giant guinea pig and girl

I wasn’t pleased that she had  Charlie on MY bed given he pees and poops randomly, but before I reprimanded her I had to snap this shot. Because…cute! (sigh…)

The next day Molly came by and after we slid around the local park admiring all the iced branches, and hoping they wouldn’t fall on us, she took my Playbook and showed her some Looney Tunes videos on YouTube. Tweetie bird is her favorite. Not sure if Molly was particularly impressed…


That bin behind her is full of working flashlights. I also prepared several bottles of water, just in case the power does go out here. There’s food aplenty, and blankets and sleeping bags. I even have a fondue pot with fuel so we can heat water for soup, tea or coffee. But certainly we are among the few fortunate people these days who can enjoy the comforts of home in full. So many people out there aren’t sure what kind of Christmas they are going to have this year. I put the word out that the family who is affected is welcome to come by, so we’ll see what happens.

And Benjamin? He’s plugged into Minecraft. 🙂


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