The point of keeping a blog

Is there a point to blogging?

I have recently come across this question by reading other blogs where people, fellow bloggers, struggle with this question. Some of them write about this struggle, but others, they simply abandon their blogs.

The lack of closure hurts me. Even though this is a ridiculous statement to make over a person whom I have never met, if I was a regular, or even semi-regular person reading their blog, with or without commenting, if they simply abandon it, I feel hurt and neglected.

Many of us blog because it is a way for us to write. Perhaps for some it leads to paid work. Perhaps for some it gives the person, the blogger, a chance for an outlet that she (or he) may not necessarily have otherwise. Perhaps some people put pressure on themselves to blog because they have made a commitment to themselves, and their readers, to keep up with their side of the bargain (to keep blogging) or perhaps it’s strictly a personal thing, a way to anecdote life in a way that otherwise may be lost.

The point of the blog usually is a deeply personal one, and yet, there is an outreach for some, a sort of acknowledgement to be heard.

Why do I blog?

As so often in the past, sometimes I just want to stop. It’s not because I have nothing to say, but because my words don’t come out in the way I want them to. I cannot tell you how many drafts I have that remain unpublished because I wrote a bunch of drivel (and how many words I published even though I thought they were drivel).

All I know is that when I need to stop writing, I do. But usually, I leave a note in the blog  to let the forty or fifty people who visit here regularly know that I am on a break.

I’m trying to be polite here. But more importantly, I’m trying to give myself permission to take a break.

Ultimately, a time comes when I need to go back to my blog,  and then I go back without a second thought. I simply start writing again.

This blog helps me process my internal issues. It’s not like I have a lot of friends I can turn to, nor do I have the energy to start lengthy discussions with DH after the kids finally go to bed, about what’s been bugging me that day/week/month. Sometimes, I just need to get it out and the blog, MY blog, has always been there for me. It’s there for me when the friend, or DH, or someone else, is not available to lend an ear. It’s simply there, and I can start typing whenever I have a need to.

My blog is not like a [human] friend who can decide one day to disconnect from my life. My blog will be there like a loyal dog, no matter how neglected it may feel. No matter how inconsistent my attention to it may have been.

The point, therefore, is to keep the blog active, I think, even when I have no words to publish.

This is where I’m at. My blog is here to stay, but don’t be surprised if I neglect it for a while.


3 thoughts on “The point of keeping a blog

  1. Just getting caught up on blogs from the holidays – so will say that a) glad to hear you never lost power, b) sounds (and looks) like you had a lovely Christmas, and c) totally, totally understand about the bloggy spirit ebbing and flowing. I have definitely gone through times when I felt creatively spent, and like I was forcing myself to blog twice a month out of obligation. I’ve never considered quitting for good, though, because it *does* come back – some day you’ll find you’re reenergized, either because life has slowed down a tiny bit giving you room to think, or you’ve completed another project and taking a breather before starting something else, or something funny or cute will happen that you just have to capture. And just like that, the spark will be there waiting. Maybe even sooner than you think!

    So I’ll be here waiting for your return, and in the meantime, happy recharging my friend!

    • Happy New Year my Ottawa friend! 🙂 I have about 5 drafts that I can’t publish because it’s just such drivel…so I’m waiting for the right moment to post again. But I never stop writing…and I hope you won’t either.

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