Amusement with a guinea pig, a puppy and a kitten

I have a French Bulldog puppy and a kitten in my house.



I’ve had Sadie the dog over before, she is very cute, but she is a puppy and puppies have their own opinions about things. It’s hilarious and so funny…I took the old dog bed out but she refused to lie in it other than to roll on it for a second before attacking the kitten (they know each other, it was a playful attack) until they were both distracted by our gigantic guinea pig. That kept them occupied, somewhat…

I’ve met Annabel the cat before but she has never been over to our house. She didn’t seem to particularly like me; she hisses at me but that’s the worst of it (I’ve had cats before, I’m familiar with their, um, ways). I made her a pillow-y spot on the window sill which she seems to like going to, but didn’t stay there, she rather wanted to go hang out on the guinea pig cage…


Naturally, both pets are a little confused. Their owners are moving and having their house staged so the pets’ lives have been a little out of the ordinary lately. Their furniture is gone, there is a smell of fresh paint, that kind of thing. So I just left them alone, closed all the doors, and occupied myself with household-y things.

Well, I endured the puppy and kitten antics for about 45 minutes. The noise level with animals is very different from the kind that children make, but still, I had to keep an eye. It’s been very amusing; I’ve forgotten how much fun pets can be! (No, I’m not ready for pet ownership beyond our Charlie at the moment.) Then I took Sadie for a walk, thinking she’s not really used to longer walks and maybe this will make her tired. Plus giving the cat some uninterrupted time to explore the unfamiliar surroundings she’s been placed into might settle her down, too.

So off we went, puppy and I.

I walked her to the local mailbox about four streets over from my house. This is about halfway to school, a walk I do with Molly, our part-time dog, regularly. We made it down the street (about 40 steps) in one piece but I thought for sure it would take all day, because…you know…puppies have issues! Oh the drama: her collar makes her itchy, the leash is distracting, there’s all these smells in the snow, she had to stop for a little tinkle here, a little poopie there, then we have to stop for a little gagging….lol.

Puppy walk

By the time we got to the bottom of the street, she had enough. She made that adorable little snorting sound and gave me the evil eye, so I bent over to pick her up and carried her for a block. She was rather happy with this turn of events while I was thinking “you are a DOG and dogs like to GO FOR WALKS”…

Despite the fact this dog is still a puppy, she did fill out quite a bit in the past couple of months (she is almost 6 months old now) and the weight started to make itself felt. So I put her down at the next street corner, and encouraged her to walk a little while tugging gently at her leash.

She got it. It’s like a little switch got flicked in her brain and she started marching alongside me the way a dog is supposed to walk.

I was very proud! We walked a few more blocks and dropped a letter into the mailbox, then walked up that street and turned the corner again, heading back to our street and down to the house. This is probably the longest walk she had ever done and she did it without too many stops. She just kept the pace and marched along.

By the time we approached her house, which was inaccessible due to the staging trucks occupying the driveway, she hesitated a few moments, wondering why we were passing by her house. But she came along to my house and went up the steps to the front door where Annabel the cat was waiting for us.

And then, peeps, the real fun started.

Now this puppy is of a breed known for sleeping and napping a lot. I figured, after a long walk like that I will have a few moments of peace, and showed her the dog bed and towel. She sat on in for a minute but then….this happened:

a dog a cat and a guinea pig

Oh my. I’m sure that Charlie the guinea pig was quite happy with the distractions, partly because both the cat and the dog were not large. Also partly because the other dog we have over, Molly, is a terrier and would love nothing more than to eat Charlie for lunch. So with the current two smaller, less threatening animals, our guinea pig got a bit of a distraction too from the borning-ness of his cage.

(In the summer we often let Charlie out to eat grass. He has his own caged backyard that we move around to where the grass if fresh and tasty. Right now, there’s snow and ice everywhere so he’s stuck indoors and probably bored, if rodents do in fact get bored.)

Well, the noises they made! Annabel in particular could not tear herself away from the guinea pig. Is it a mouse? Seems kinda big. Is it a rat? Doesn’t look like a rat…Is it a squirrel? A raccoon? A…dog?

I couldn’t help but be amused by their fascination. What a fun morning we had today.

(Thanks @dayna, I needed the diversion after yesterday’s homework stress.)

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