Time-sucking Internet, I do kinda like ya

They ate these sandwiches at school yesterday. That is to say, the 6 year old brought home one bite leftover and said “I don’t like the cheese in the sandwich” which made me want to ask why it took her to eat almost all of it before declaring she doesn’t like the cheese. I didn’t ask her because….look. I’m tired. I just don’t want some debate or drama about cheese.

school lunch sandwiches

Today I’m making crockpot Mexican beef. Maybe I’ll roll some into some tortillas and bake them, maybe I’ll serve it as chili, maybe I’ll freeze it for a nacho night. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll eat most of it for lunch. We’ll see how I feel in five minutes.

The rest of the meat I’m going to mix with some venison ground meat and make it into spaghetti sauce. Some of it will go in the freezer, some of it will probably be served tonight or tomorrow. Doesn’t someone have an activity tonight? I don’t care, we’ll have pasta. Nice and easy, right?

What was it people did before the internet? Did they have clean kitchens, mopped floors and sorted laundry? Did someone remember to wipe down the bathroom on a regular basis? The internet is a time-suck but I like it. I don’t feel like doing anything else. But there is always something to do…yesterday I finally picked up a stack of papers yay-high and sorted through it all. Most of it was school related, but some of it was statements of bills I don’t want statements of because I prefer a paper-free environment. Still they send me statements, even if I apply for electronic versions or e-post. I really wish they would stop doing that but that requires another task on my to do list where I have to check whether they are ignoring my e-request or whether there is some reason why certain bill statements come in paper form. I’d rather eat chili and check my twitter feed, frankly.

It’s January in Canada. Wake me when you hear some bird song.


2 thoughts on “Time-sucking Internet, I do kinda like ya

  1. I love the internet too – it’s so easy to lose several hours a day but oh…so satisfying. More info please! More more more!

    I think in older times stay-at-home moms a) watched soap operas, and b) did more volunteering/social activities outside the home. Now the internet fills both of those needs – videos to watch, celebrity gossip to read, Facebook and Twitter to update. I often think if I lived in older times my house would be a lot cleaner, but maybe not – maybe I’d just be an expert on Young and the Restless instead!

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