Injustices with parking enforcement

Seriously, they must think we’re hard-core criminals, the parking enforcement people. Talk about irritating.


So we have a long driveway which means we have to park our cars behind each other, as opposed to next to each other. If DH has to leave before I need the van then he likes to park behind the van. That way we don’t have to move cars around and he can just drive off. If he comes home and the van isn’t in the driveway he parks on the road in front of our house to avoid the same moving-around situation for later. (Typically, he uses his car way more often than I use the van.)

There is legal parking on our side of the street until midnight for 3 hours, which is enforced (we live next to a college so a lot of the students and staff park for free on the residential streets surrounding the campus to save on parking fees). After midnight till 7 am you can still park legally on our side of the street if you have a valid pass.

We do not have a pass because we park on our driveway at night.

Anyway, I needed the van this morning so I parked his car on the road. I knew he had to take it out later for an oil change. I left the house at 10:30 which is the time I parked his car on the street so I could take the van out of the driveway.

About an hour later I text DH to meet me for lunch. He does. He takes the car from the road and meets me at the mall at about noon. This is less than 3 hours after I moved the car from the driveway to the road.

We have lunch. We run an errand, yada yada, and I head back to the house with the van. He takes the car for an oil change. We go our separate ways in separate cars. Eventually I return home and park the van on the driveway. He is not yet back from the oil change.

As I leave to pick up the kids at school with the van it’s about 3 o’clock. I see him driving toward me on the road approaching the house. He parks on the road again so his car won’t be blocked in by the van when I get back with the kids.

The car sits there on the road for about 20 minutes and when I return with the kids, we see a big fat yellow parking ticket on the car windshield.

Parked longer than 3 hours, it says.


The parking enforcement guy must have driven by then car parked in the same spot this morning. True, it sat there for about two hours before DH took it to come meet me for lunch. But that is, theoretically, legal since that is what the sign says. He parked there under 3 hours.

In the 20 minutes that he had parked the car on the road while I was out picking up kids int he afternoon, the parking guy came back and simply assumed the car had been sitting there all day.

In the meantime, we have a restaurant receipt and a oil change receipt to prove otherwise.

The trouble is, they will not allow a receipt sent in by mail with a letter of explanation. Oh no. They want to tie up the courts with stupidity and misuse taxpayer’s money by insisting that he take a day off work, go to court, stand in line for hours, obtain a court date to dispute the $15 ticket, and then take another day off work to actually go to court to fight the ticket after waiting in line for hours.

Can this get any more complicated or convoluted?

If we pay the ticket, which seems the simplest solution, we’re giving a corrupt system our money for nothing. We did nothing illegal, and even if the ticket was an honest mistake, there has got to be a better way to handle such a situation.

Stupid, the entire thing.


2 thoughts on “Injustices with parking enforcement

  1. Ugh…I understand the original mistake but it’s a real shame that it can’t all be cleared up with a phone call, or at least a drop-by the station to just explain and show the receipts. The legal system is so annoying sometimes.

    We live in a suburban neighbourhood where there are no posted signs or anything, but there’s a standard universal bylaw that you can’t park on the street longer than 3 hours. In general this law is never enforced or parolled, and it’s only there in case someone calls and complains. There are always tons of cars parked in front of our house all day long, every day. A few years back when our street was still new, the builder came by and paved around 20 of our driveways all on the same day, and we all had to park on the street, and of course, we all got a ticket. SERIOUSLY.

    Like you, I’m sure I could have gotten out of it if I had gone to court but it was just too much trouble, so I just paid the $20 fine. But I’M STILL BITTER.

  2. I have no idea what DH will do with the ticket. The trick is, the car he drives is in my name, and the car I drive in his.So theoretically I am the one who has a ticket on her name…but he has the car and said he will deal with it. Whatever. I just don’t even care. And I too am BITTER. 🙂

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